[R&D] Importing a MP model into 3D painting tool Tilt Brush

If you own an HTC Vive headset, you can have some fun by importing a (small) MP model into the 3D painting app Google Tilt Brush. It's amazing to be able to resize your model with your hands, peek inside it by moving your body and adding audio reactive brushes to it.

Here is the video of the experiment.



  • Wow!!!! That's amazing!

    This is my second time see you in the post after your MP showcase screens video. I already become your fan :-)

    And want to see all your post and video(have already know youtube channel, wechat channel `thetemplehotelbj` -- yes, I'm in China)

    Where can I find more? Twitter or blog or something? Thanks!

  • oh, it seems the wechat channel is not yours, but it is the temple which you donated...

  • Thanks @iamaplayer. A lot of the work we do can't be shared, but if you already visited our site and YouTube channel, you are up to date with some of our public work.

  • The first time we did this it didn't have textures, so it was all in gunmetal color. now that it's imported with the textures it's soooo cool. Nice video and homage to Matterport Paolo!

  • Emily, I got lucky to do this test when textures worked out. Congrats on being featured on the MP newsletter!

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