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This week!

Tell us your MatterStory and receive a free processed Space!

Create a short video telling us your best Matterport experience and receive one free processed Space!* There is no need for fancy equipment; just use your smartphone. Want help getting started? Visit our MatterStory form for questions to answer.

Once we collect enough MatterStories, we will select some to display on a landing page and other social media, showing off the amazing things you have accomplished! We will include your business name and location, to drive people to your website and bring more visibility to your services.

Please review rules/requirements and SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO HERE.

*Videos must meet requirements and be submitted by April 19, 2017. One credit per billing customer.

New 3D Showcase help menus bring consistency, context, and comprehensiveness to your audience

We have redesigned our help menus to bring more value to your 3D Showcase viewers. The same simple initial help screen will show for all new viewers in every experience (desktop, mobile, quickstart, etc.), providing all-in-one instructions with both keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures.

Clicking Help in the footer launches navigational help specific to the current view, giving a completely contextual set of instructions. A secondary tab explains every icon on the screen, so viewers have a comprehensive explanation of 3D Showcase.

Don’t forget, you can use URL parameters to always show (&help=1) or never show (&help=0) the initial help screen upon load. We have now also added &help=2, which will always display one short instruction: “Click to explore this 3D Space.” This parameter is especially useful for 3D Showcases using Quickstart.

To see samples of every help screen, please visit our Help Article.

Matterport listed as one of 23 top tools for marketing real estate online

Forbes recently published an article on “23 Bulletproof Real Estate Marketing Ideas,” guiding agents through various methods for winning more business and selling listings faster. Matterport was listed as one of the most effective tools you can use to market any type of real estate. Thank you for being a part of the “most forward-thinking idea”!

Join the discussion, ask questions, and submit product ideas on the Matterport Community. Just log in with your Matterport Cloud credentials to get started. Visit our Help Center for detailed Matterport how-to guides, videos, and other FAQs.



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  • Thanks @matterport-amir! I have to say that recent Matterport updates are totally amazing. Ability to preview a scan; lower price on schematic floor plans; lower price on cameras; revamping of the support area so things are easier to find; MatterStory & & & !!! One of my favorite things is what I saw with Krispy Kreme WOW! (read:

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