Check out a better way to find a photographer

I just wanted to take a moment and point out to our amazing MSP community our all new Find a Photographer link.

At the very top and to the right of every page in the Matterport site there has always been a BUY button for super easy access to make your camera purchase. Nothing odd about that. Every company should do everything it can to minimize the friction between product/service interest and completing the purchase. That's probably Business 101 and, for example, Amazon has perfected this art.

Now Matterport has also made it super easy to access the Find a Photographer form by surfacing it to the BUY button. This is very cool and should help the MSP team drive more traffic to our partners by reducing friction and promoting awareness.

Let me know what you think and if you feel this can be improved upon. If you want to see it in action, just go to and click the BUY button.



  • Awesome @Matterport-Amir!

  • Nice!! Like it!

  • Thanks for a great product and your support. Adding that link is great but someone who is just looking to "Find a Photographer" would not necessarily click there. Could it also be placed between "Community" and "About" in the header? For us photographers, that would be really cool. As a owner/operator, I looked around and found it difficult to "Find a Photographer" and I am somewhat familiar with your site. Thanks Again.

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