8800+ finished sq ft.

My name is Tyler.

I am new to this site and just received my camera 4 days ago. I since have scanned 3 spaces and would love some feedback on my latest. I was a little nervous to do this large space so soon after getting my camera. and feedback is much appreciated!



Check it out



  • @Tyler Wentland

    Congratulations! You are doing great! Lovely house great start! a few suggestions:

    1. Starting shot - get the verticals straight up or remove them with a sing;e zoom step forward like in the attached - take the shot and make it the starting shot.

    2. In the dollhouse view the balustrade spindles get lost - if you can go back do a few extra scans (even if you 'hide' them later) at a lower height.

    If you plan to add a tour it will be brilliant if you create a '360' in the middle of the overhead walkway with down-looking views!


  • Thank you very much for the feedback. Your right. That does look great. I really appreciate the advice and am going to try to make it happen.

  • Nice job - especially for your 4th model. I try to do '4 corner' scans whenever a room allows it, recommend- scanning both stairways, try to align scans in a straight line when possible, have your 'entrance' to a door scan a little further back from the door jamb.

  • Hey Bill

    Thank you for the feedback. I found myself quite terrified of the 200 scan "limit" which is why I skipped the second staircase and only did 1 or two scans in some of the rooms. With that being said I learned that I can fairly easily scan a home that large in 200 or so scans and still use a few more scans around doorways and in closets. I really appreciate the feedback on the support community and will continue to use this as my primary resource when I have any questions or need some feedback.



  • @Tyler Wentand

    I have yet to receive my camera, but I have to say I'm really impressed by what you put together after just 4 days. How long were you in the house to do the scans? Also - what did you do for exterior views? Did you do scans or conventional stills?

    Paul Campbell

  • Hey Paul.

    I was in the house for just less then 4 hours. I have a photographer I work with for interior and exterior stills.

    Here is the listing if you wanted to check it out.

    The Listing

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