Porsche Centre By Night

I shot our local Porsche Centre at night, this was pretty challenging, given the amount of glazing and light reflection, but I was happy with the results, as was the client. This took around 3 hours, with a lot of time spent hiding out of shot, with few hiding places in such a large, fully glazed show room! View here



  • I think the reflections add to the quality of the shoot. This space is designed to sell this brand of cars, and that's what you see. You don't see other car brands outside, you see reflections of Porsches (and a couple Porsches right outside the windows)!

    Great work!

  • Spectacular work, @martinroche!

  • Thanks, was a fun shoot!

  • Thank you. I also shot one of their new cars for a launch event, which we then showcased to customers in VR using Samsung Gear!

  • One of my favorite cars. Amazing job!

  • Great shoot, how does it look in VR? I'm going to try it out later when I'm near my Gear VR.

  • Thanks! I think it works well in VR due to the height and depth of the space, would love to hear your, or anyone else's, feedback! Cheers.

  • It looked great I'm VR! What feedback did the dealership give you? Have they told you it's helped with sales or customers engagement? You've inspired me to pitch my services to Lamborghini here in Vancouver. I'm preparing my presentation now. I've got some ideas I'd like to share with you also since you inspired me. If you're up for it, offer Porsche Colchester to scan a few 918s inside. I tested it with my car, and it turned out well. Just have the tripod stabilized better than I did, soft seats aren't a solid base so you can see some errors in stitching here:

    If you have the equipment, offer a 360 video of a cockpit view. Usually these types of dealerships have agreements with local tracks, you can tag along during a track day. Imagine a sales person showing a potential client what it would look like driving a Porsche 918 on a track in VR? That's some incredible customer engagement.

  • Martin, how do you price out larger commercial jobs like this? Cheers!!

  • Hi Boris, thanks for the kind words! Feedback from the dealership was great but Porsche themselves were a bit awkward as they felt we should have gone via them first. Hey ho! I actually shot the new Panamera for this dealership, which we showcased in VR to guests at the launch event. Take a look here:

    What tripod did you use for inside the cockpit? I used a Manfroto Pixi Evo, but it wasn't really strong enough. It was also really difficult getting the camera stable during scans as I could only use the front console/arm rest for this. How dod you do this on the back seats of a Golf?

  • Hey Neil, it really depends on the client and their needs. We charge a scanning cost, which includes edit time, and we price this on square footage, as well as a travel cost also.

  • Ah yes, the Panamara! I ended up reading more of this thread and found the link after I messaged you haha. How do you decide on what to charge for an interior shot since it's not exactly based on square footage? So for my Golf I used the Manfrotto 190X tripod. It's the same tripod I use for eye level regular shots. I am yet to experiment with different tripods since I wasn't super happy with the results for the front seat. I didn't use a QR clamp for those shots since it was still coming in the mail; which has a level on it. I'm hoping that for my next attempt, this levelling will help fix the stitching issues rather than attempting to make up for the "soft" base that the seats create. I thought maybe as the camera spun, the tripod pressed into the seat which gave way a bit, but now I think it's actually because I wasn't properly levelled.

    If you don't mind may I ask what you charged the dealership for this, and how did you approach them and offer your services in the first place? I prepared a youtube video of a screen share where I talk and actually show myself navigating through a Matterport virtual tour while explaining the benefits, and emailed a "pitch" to the marketing director of Lamborghini Vancouver. I'm contemplating going in person though since I haven't heard back yet.

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