Pushing Scans to the limit

Royal Palm Square in Fort Myers FL

Over the holiday weekend (new years eve & day) I decided to scan the shopping center where my office is located. I figured no one would be there and I could knock it out in no time. Well the project ended up taking me 5 hours the 1st day and 3 hours the next. When it was all said and done I ended up with 258 scans. The sun was the main reason why I had to come back the 2nd day even though I started at 7am. Another time consuming task was boxing the whole project within windows. I tried to get away with not doing it the first time I uploaded the project but there were flairs of office space and landscaping that made it look ugly. In terms of scanning I moved every 5 to 8 feet and in post just hid 58 scan points to bring the number back down to the recommended 200. As far as I can tell it's not glitchy for such a large project.



  • Hello @Lemec Bernard! Holy smokes! This is a phenomenal scan. Would love to see this one in our Gallery. If you're interested in sharing publicly, please fill out this web form. Amazing...

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  • A fantastic scan! WOWOW! Super!

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  • wow, nice, :-),

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  • Hi,

    Great job Bernard! Others are celebrating New Year and you are scanning!

    Would like to share our experience of scanning a big space.

    We made a scan of the ground floor of a business center. Total scans close to 300 but deleted some and have a net of 256 scan.

    Our presentation is by no means ready yet. The client wants to add tags and we still have to hide some scan-points to make moving 'smooth'/natural, trim off the space outside the entrance, etc

    Challenges we had:

    1) Aligning challenges in the corridors

    2) Even though the BC was closed people tended to come and go

    3) Scans were conducted during two days, 6 hours and 4 hours. (We also scanned a separate restaurant and a sauna department up-stairs) We had issues with the doors between different areas. They had to be closed the first day and connecting second-day scans to previous scans was challenging

    Any comments and improvement suggestions would be appreciated.


    Jan Östman

    P.S. If you are interested to see the presentation I am allowed to show it after client's approval after eastern.

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  • Holy Crap that is one hell of a scan, no wonder it took so long that is a job well done, thanks for sharing it with us, keep up the good work




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