Exciting things have been happening at Matterport!

In case you missed it…

  • The Matterport Community launched and has been rapidly growing thanks to our valued customer base. We recently debuted a new Community landing page so you can find everything in one easy, organized place. Read more about it here and tell us what you think.
  • 360° Views allow you to capture sweeping outdoor imagery to include with your immersive 3D walkthroughs. This makes Matterport a one-stop shop for both interior and exterior visuals, giving end-users the most complete property experience currently available.
  • Links in Mattertag™ Posts make Spaces more informative and engaging for your viewers. Direct your audience to external websites, downloadable PDFs, or other Matterport Spaces, right from 3D Showcase.
  • CoreVR brought the largest library of real-world places to virtual reality headsets everywhere. We also kicked off our real-time Q&A session initiative to ensure you get answers to your most pressing product questions. The team is hard at work on our next milestone - Matterport VR for iOS!
  • Snapshot improvements, including higher quality downloads, zooming, and Asset-inclusion, bring clarity and more details to your audience.
  • 3D Showcase improvements give your viewers a better navigation experience through your Spaces. Zooming brings the ability to see more details from any angle, and improved downloading of 3D panoramas provides almost zero loading time when moving between scan positions.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for feedback, thoughts, and enthusiasm.

Stay tuned for much more to come!



  • It's amazing how important all of these advances have been to each and every tour I shoot.

    The firmware upgrade -- I would LOVE a more in depth post about this -- potentially with some technical information -- on how this was done. Many of us are photographers, so when we see the results, we imagine what image processing methods must be used... I would love a side-by-side comparison of a tour that is shot with the old and new firmware. I think that Matterport is understating the improvements :)

    Concerning the Snapshot improvements -- have you guys made a video yet to demonstrate this? Until I tried it, I didn't realize what a game changer this was. Snapshots are finally usable to generate high quality wide-angle photos! The FOV was simply too low before!

    The quickstart parameter and the hard work Matterport put into faster loading ("preheat") is very noticeable!

    Amazing job. Can you guys only imagine if 2017 has this many bullet points in store?

  • Hi Chris, Thanks so much for the positive feedback and I certainly hope 2017 will have at least this many bullets if not many more.

    While we don't have a video about the new Snapshots feature, we do have this article that does get into using the "-" button to increase the field of view.

    The new firmware was a critical improvement and we're all very happy to see it out and performing as well as, if not better than, expected. As you know, the camera uses HDR to maximize the dynamic range. Unfortunately, because it has a rolling shutter, what happens is the flickering of some light frequencies is seen as on in certain shutter positions and off in others. When the HDR images are combined into one, this creates a zebra pattern that is horribly unappealing and a bad representation of what the area really looks like to the human eye. To combat this effect, we developed imaging technology that recognizes this pattern in images and, only if present, the camera will capture many more images before moving on. With so many images of the same spot, the system can now look for similar brightness values to minimize the zebra effect. I hope that helps how it's done.

    -The Matterport Team

  • For sure Matterport has done a great job with all these improvements. Guess that in 2017 Matterport will jump a few steps in order to be a unicorn in this high tech world of VR and AR.

    I also want to thanks the support and development team at Matterport for all the effort done presenting new solutions and improving other ones.

    Merry christmas to you all.


  • On behalf of everyone at Matterport, Thank you, Pedro, and we hope you have a very Marry Christmas too.

  • Amir, thank you so much for the explanation! It gives me even greater confidence in operating the Matterport Camera to know that this is what is happening when the Capture App hesitates to 'process images'. Totally answered my question!!!

  • I think that the next bullets we want to see would be social media sharing links in our tours followed by multi-lingual options! These would be simple UI enhancements that would be highly celebrated. Perhaps they could be released at the same time as the iOS CoreVR support to make for a nice big announcement?

  • You've got my vote, Chris. These sound like great suggestions to me.

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