12/1/16 - [Newsletter] Update Camera Firmware | Holiday Contest Reminder

Update your camera firmware for the best light and color capture. Enter our Holiday Contest for a chance to win a free year of hosting!

Firmware update - better color capture for your Spaces!

We are excited to announce that our new camera firmware is here! Firmware is low-level software inside the Matterport Pro Camera to manage the hardware components.

In addition to many small improvements, this version specifically includes:

  • Improved color handling, greatly reducing yellow patches
  • Improved performance in LED-heavy conditions, preventing LED banding

The firmware (v1.1.423.14201.xxx) is available now and is a recommended update for everyone. To install on your Pro Camera, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the new firmware
    • Connect your iPad to external WiFi (not the camera WiFi)
    • Open the Capture app and login to your Matterport Cloud account
    • Wait a few minutes (the firmware will download in the background)
  2. Connect to your camera
    • In Settings, choose your Pro Camera in the WiFi network list
    • Reopen the Capture app
  3. Update your firmware
    • Tap Update Now on the dialog box
    • Tap Update Camera on the 2nd dialogue box after the update is finished transferring
    • Tap Done
  4. Reconnect to your camera
    • Wait approximately 5 minutes and look for the orange WiFi button to blink on the back of the camera; this signifies the update is complete
    • Reconnect to your camera in the WiFi Settings menu

You are ready to scan!

For more information on how to update your firmware, including checking your current version, please visit our help article. To join the conversation about the new firmware or get answers from other users, please visit our Community article.

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