11/28/16 - New firmware: Better LEDs, better color!

Hello everyone,

We are very happy to announce that, today, all users can now download the latest Matterport firmware!

In addition to many small improvements, this firmware specifically:

  • Improves performance in LED-heavy conditions, preventing LED banding.
  • Improves color handling, greatly reducing yellow patches.

The firmware ( is available now, for all customers, and is a recommend update for everyone.

Here are firmware installation instructions!

-The Matterport Team



  • Can you let know what the version number of the released firmware is so we know when we've upgraded please.

    I cannot find a firmware version history anywhere, it would be helpful.


  • Thank you!

  • @David Hothersall it is version ( Normally we'd just say "1.1.423" but if you were part of the early beta releases, you may have an earlier version such as 1.1.423.14200. And yes, we are talking about simplifying what we show in the version number.

  • Shot 2 spaces today and noticed that when I hit Upload, the upload flashed for 1 second then showed the date and time like normal but it sure didn't take the normal time or show the progress circle. Are things that fast now or should we expect some kind of issue?

  • Hi @adam - was your iPad connected to WiFi for a while before you hit upload? And were these new jobs (versus additional scans on prior jobs)? Capture will 'opportunistically' upload when back on WiFi to get a jump on the task - before you have hit the upload button. If not back on WiFi, do you have a cellular-enabled iPad (you can disallow Capture from using cellular data in iOS Settings).

  • Yes the iPad Pro was on wifi for 1-15 minutes before i sat down to review the job. That's great it works in the back ground but what if we want to make last minute tweaks to the model before processing? Just hit upload again?

  • It won't start processing without you hitting upload to indicate you are ready (and that last little bit it uploads is the final list of changes). The idea is to get the bigger, slower stuff going ASAP if we can so that you aren't staring at a progress circle for too long.

  • @Matterport-Kirk

    Thank you for confirming my observations. Concern I have is - if we have not got around to refining edits etc - will these get uploaded 'opportunistically' too. Seems very quick - indeed seems like a 'confirm' (I'm done) rather than a 'submit'.

  • I've been involved in software and hardware since the early '90s and find the process for updating the firmware a little haphazard and flaky.

    I've followed all the steps for updating the firmware several times since the announcement of its general availability and the app/camera still fails to identify that a firmware upgrade is available.
    Would it not be simpler and more obvious to users for there to be a 'Check for Update' button in the app that forces the app to look for the upgrade rather than 'hoping' the app sees the update?
    Also I Version history should be really be posted somewhere on the site so we can check what the fixes and upgrades are, may well save some questions, and also make it easier to check if we are running the latest firmware.

    Finally managed to update while actually writing this post (typical) but I still suggest that the process and version information could be easier to find and apply with a more intuitive process..

  • Hi there @David Hothersall -- good notes, and we agree: we're working on substantially improving the firmware update process.

    Especially with updates like this, upgrading has big benefits for all cameras users... but if it the process is anything short of easy, quick, and painless, then adoption will take the hit.

    Thank you for the remarks!

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