11/23/16 - Thanksgiving Support | Holiday Contest | Zooming Update | FAQ

Show off your festiveness, zoom in more Spaces, and get answers to your most pressing questions.

Thanksgiving Support Hours

In observation of the Thanksgiving holiday, Matterport will be closed beginning Wednesday, November 23, 2106, at 3pm PST, with no Support available. Support functionality will return as normal on Monday, November 28, 2016, 9am PST.

During this time, we encourage you to search and post in the Community for user generated answers, or visit our many articles and videos in our Help Center. We thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy your weekend.

Enter our holiday contest for a chance to win!

Show off your most festive holiday Spaces for a chance to win FREE Cloud Hosting for 2017!

‘Tis the season to capture the holidays in 3D! Whether it’s a decorated home, a jazzed up landmark, or even a seasonal event— if it’s decked-out for the holidays, we want to see it!

We are looking for festive and fun, bright and bold, wacky and wonderful, dreamy and dazzling holiday Matterport Spaces!

Head over to the Matterport Community for rules and to submit your Space!


Click here to explore last year’s winning Holiday Space!

Zooming in 3D Showcase UPDATE

Last week, we released the exciting capability of zooming in 3D Showcase. Unfortunately, we experienced issues on some iOS mobile devices that caused us to temporarily disable zooming over this past weekend.

We resumed zooming functionality today. However, to ensure the highest performance possible, we will limit zooming on mobile devices to our basic resolution. Desktop 3D Showcase viewers will be able to zoom to our highest resolution (for Spaces created after August 25, 2016).

The good news is we had such great interest in the Zooming functionality, we are enabling it for all Spaces! Those created before August 25 will be available in basic resolution on both mobile and desktop.

Our team is working on the best way to enable the highest resolution zooming for mobile. We will post any updates in our Community!

Answers to your most frequent questions

We’ve recently received some great questions at community.matterport.com. In case you haven’t seen them, we’d like to share a few more broadly.

Q: Do Matterport URLs work on Zillow?

A: Yes! About two weeks ago, a bug on Zillow emerged that caused all virtual tours links to not function properly. This included Matterport 3D Showcase URLs. During this time, Matterport worked with Zillow and advised users on a temporary workaround via the Matterport Community. Last week, Zillow issued a fix, and we are pleased to confirm that all Matterport URLs on the Zillow site are again functioning normally, as of Thursday, November 17.

Some of my Spaces show yellow patches or bands from LED lights. When will a fix for this be available?

Our team is hard at work to correct this issue. This fix requires updating the software on the Matterport Pro Camera itself. We are in final evaluation with a limited group of users for this update, which will:

  • Greatly reduce yellow patches, and offer better overall white balance
  • Use a special algorithm to remove LED banding, but only when LED lighting is strong

Our goal is to complete testing and release it to all customers within the next 1-2 weeks. We will update the Community forum thread and send an email when it is ready. All you will have to do is connect your iPad to the internet and open the Capture app. We will send more detailed instructions when the software is available. Follow the discussion here.

How does Matterport bill for 360° Views? Are they treated differently than 3D Scans?

360° Views and 3D scans are treated equally for billing. That is, they both are counted when assessing the total number of scan positions for a Space. A 360º View will count the same as a single 3D scan.

Stay tuned for more FAQs! In the meantime, be sure to check out our new Community landing page. We are excited about the site’s makeover and will continue to evolve it to bring more value to its members. Read more about it and post any suggestions here.

Join the discussion, ask questions, and submit product ideas on the Matterport Community. Just log in with your Matterport Cloud credentials to get started. Visit our Support Site for detailed Matterport how-to guides, videos, and other FAQs.

To all of our U.S. customers, we wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!




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