Announcing a new Community landing page!!

Dear Matterport Community,

Today is day #1 of our new Community landing page! We wanted to give it a face lift in order to improve the UX and make it more inviting. This is only the first phase of major changes to come and I must say, we are very excited about adding features as we go.

You can expect to see the Matterport Community evolve and change in the coming year! We have been examining all sorts of thriving communities by established companies and pulling the best of the best so we can create a stand-out experience. As our community grows over time, our members will be able to build identity, find leads, share ideas, show-off their work, find resources and marketing materials, read up on thought leadership and so much more...

I would like to invite people to share ideas for features they'd like to see - just post to this thread. While building a Community takes time, we are on a mission to provide a really unique experience - one that fosters a real sense of belonging and active participation.

Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this week!





  • @Matterport-Sibyl Thank you for listening to the Matterport community!! This new landing page is the beginning of an evolution.

  • @Lisa Hinson Totally agree. Super excited to see members get involved and share thoughts, ideas, and questions!

  • @Matterport-Sibyl One thing that would be great is if we were able to PM our fellow peeps in the community. Is that a possible in the future?

  • @Lisa Hinson Hiya! Just to confirm, by PM do you mean peer mentor? If so, the mentoring functionality is one that I've seen on several other communities and love that idea. Tell me more about what you have in mind! =)

  • I was meaning Private Message.. Sometimes we members do like to reach out to each other in a message. Explain the peer mentoring though. sounds interesting.

  • @Lisa Hinson Aha, yes! I've been looking at so many different communities I automatically jumped to peer mentoring. One thing has come up in the past is younger more recent college grads that want to start their own MSP business but are afraid have inquired about being matched with more seasoned pros. There's a good exchange to be had. On one hand, someone starting out can partner and learn the tricks of the trade quickly and for the seasoned pro, they benefit from an extra hand to work on projects. Structured the right way, it's almost like an apprenticeship for a short period. As for the private messaging - I love that idea and think that it helps people build relationships directly with each other in the community! That is going on the list as a feature I'd like to investigate further and hopefully include.

  • Looks nice! Any chance you could add SF/Bay Area to your list of cities?

  • Great call @hopscotchinteractive. It's a no brainer for us to add our own area to our cities, isn't it? We originally added these initial cities as an SEO test, but I agree it's time for us to put up the Bay area ;), so give us a little time, and we will make that happen.

    Thanks for reaching out!

    - Matterport Linda ;-)

  • This is great. I love my camera and all the potential things we can and should be able to do with it. I would love matterport to make the 360 photos a standalone product. some people just want 360 shots . paying for a scan just for 360 shots isnt fair. We all brought an expensive camera with great potential , but the fact that we can do simple tasks that other cameras do for free is unfair. your forcing us to buy other cheaper alternatives. I personally would like to own one camera that does it all( which matterport is capable) rather then two or 3 different ones. We all pay the monthly fee anyway. I also think they should encourage 3rd party applications those are your friends not enemies. The more we figure out we can do the more scans and exposure get done for matterport.

  • Good feedback, @mattrivera, we're thinking along similar lines too! It will take a little while to get there, but the momentum is already present. :-)

  • Exciting! I like the idea of this community. Searching by zip code would be really helpful too!

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