Hello Matterport Community!

Hello Matterport Community!!

I wanted to introduce myself and say "hey"! I'm super passionate and curious about what folks have to say on Matterport's Community. In my personal life I spend a great deal of time community-building and for me, helping seed and facilitate productive and interesting conversations is something I love to do.

Who am I? Since joining Matterport, I have primarily worked on the News & Media team, helping build out media partnerships with some of the major news publishers including the Associated Press, NYT, and Washington Post. Last year when we launched the Matterport Gallery and VR app, I was tasked with curating all the content and was amazed by the extraordinary places in the world they have already been captured.

There's so much talent out there and what I find inspiring is the level of craft and artistry behind the creation of so many Matterport models. People have so many ideas about where our tech and platform can go and expand to and there's nothing I enjoy more than engaging in conversations about the possibilities.

I'm a nerd at heart and love sci & tech so working at Matterport has been a fun adventure for me. Capturing the world in 3D & VR is kind of an awesome mission, don't you think? I share in our founders' vision of bridging worlds by allowing people to easily capture and share their own.

Having the opportunity to meet and talk to so many Matterport customers and providers has been inspiring and I am genuinely committed to helping build out our ecosystem.

I'm now working on growing Matterport's Community so if you have any questions or suggestions, let me know!




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  • Looking forward to your input and expertise!

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