Remember Them – Champions for Humanity

I moved to Oakland, California less than four years ago and early on discovered this bronze memorial to Champions for Humanity. It was about the same time I became associated with Matterport and I created a 3D Space of the memorial as soon as I learned how to operate the original beta camera. I’ve scanned it twice more with the most current model here. Click Here for Remember Them

The most challenging part of creating the model is due it being totally outdoors with a lot of open space. A couple sunrises and scanning relatively close to each large statue made it work well.

The use of hyperlinks in Mattertags enhances the experience and turns it into an immersive learning tool. An example of how important a Mattertag can be is the one highlighting the part of the memorial to the events of 9/11, that might be overlooked if it wasn’t tagged. And being able to link to other 3D Spaces, such as Home Land Security, via Mattertags adds another level of connectivity.

I learned a lot while researching various websites for information and visuals about each Champion and have a much deeper understanding of each humanitarian’s commitment to their beliefs and their contribution to the betterment of humanity and world peace.

With all the violence, divisiveness and war around the globe, we need to be reminded of the power of the peaceful side of humanity. I’d love to see MSP’s from around the world create a ‘Gallery of Peace’ by photographing sites and memorials in their locale. The combination of activism, art and 3D Spaces is a powerful tool.



  • outstanding Bill - a great accomplishment faced with the challenges of shooting outdoors.

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  • Beautiful work, @Bill!

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