[RELEASED] Firmware for LED banding and yellow areas

Hello all,

We're seeding the next version of camera firmware (v. 1.1.423.xx) to a small number of users. We're very excited about this release -- it should address both banding seen from LED lighting, and the yellow tints seen in some models.

When the camera detects significant LED-induced flicker, it will take additional exposures, and capture time will be a bit slower in those conditions. However, it does mean that the resulting model will look normal. If you feel the camera is showing this behavior even in non-LED-lit areas, please let us know at

UPDATE 1: Thanks to excellent feedback from our test group, we've determined the LED detection in the beta firmware is too sensitive. We are adjusting, and expect to have updated firmware for fresh testing within the next few business days. This should restore camera to normal performance standards in all but the heaviest LED lighting environments. We will post more in this thread when that new version releases. Thank you again for your feedback, it's tremendously helpful!

UPDATE 2: The updated firmware is in the field for a very small number of cameras. Pending further testing and feedback, we will release it to the wider testing group. Initial feedback is positive!

UPDATE 3: After finding and fixing one bug, the next production version of camera firmware is in final testing, with our beta users! Wide release expected in the next several business days!

UPDATE 4 (11/2): Results are good! We are now increasing our cohort size, and are on schedule for wide release soon.

UPDATE 5 (11/18): We noticed a small rare issue and have re-spun the build, so everyone with early access should have a new notification for an updated version of firmware (v.1.1.423.14201.xx). Note that the issue we found involves the display on the camera and will *not* have affected your models. Thanks for bearing with us in these final tweaks.

FINAL UPDATE (11/28): The new firmware is live!



  • I'm assuming that there's no way to seed this to BETA users? I'd love to be able to test and provide feedback. This is very exciting as I am all too familiar with the frustration of yellow tints in photography from all cameras (not just Matterport).

  • I scanned a new “smart home” a few weeks ago and it only had LED lighting. In fact, the ceiling in the guest suite was two big sheets of glass with hundreds of LED’s. I think it turned out OK. Here’s the link:

    I scan a lot of homes with LED lighting and I have not seen the banding or tinting issue -much.

  • Hi @Chris Hickman, our beta users should indeed be able to download and test the new firmware. I'll shoot you an email to confirm we have your correct details. Thanks!

  • Hello MP-Scott, is it possible that you provide me with a beta testing opportunity for LED banding and yellow tint area issue? I am filming in 3days, and I am expecting that I will have a lot of trouble in terms of a quality control due to the presence of numerous LED lights in the space. Can you let my cameras be updated? Thank You!

  • Very good news, thanks.

  • We're into Beta Program, and also highlighted the zebra banding LED problem early via the support area, but I have not received a mail yet. Can you check please?

  • Hi there @Antonio Orlando! The firmware updates are delivered via the Capture app, so that's the best way to check. If you're using your beta login, you should be able to connect to the Internet, then connect to your camera, and have the option to update. (Details here:

    ...If that's not working, let me know and we'll get in touch to see what's going on! :-)

  • Heve updated a few days ago and happy with the results thus far,

  • I have emailed the beta email/program to see about getting on the list for this update. I have a very large scan coming up that is in a high tech industrial setting. This facility has many different types of lighting fixtures throughout. Everything from exterior natural lighting to LED lit chandeliers. Do we need to apply for the beta on the LED Banding update to the camera?

  • Hi @jrbatchelor, yes, firmware is first seeded to beta users before wider release. Thanks for the application, we'll get in touch!

  • Thanks Scott, so I see there was a problem. I've written in Support area, Request #18363. Can you check please? Especially the second message (beginning with "Update:"). Thanks

  • Hi @MP-Scott I am part of the Beta program and had a home i shot a couple days ago that did have the high-frequency LED lights that create the banding effect. I'm glad to report the camera handled it fine and there was no banding in the 3D Space. (Hurray!!). The yellow tinting is also dramatically improved. Both of these are huge reliefs.

    In regards to the LED banding, not all LED's are a problem. Just those at a very high frequency. When the camera 'notices' a potential for banding it does take longer to make a scan point, however no banding is worth it. Anything that can be done to enhance the programming to reduce scan time is always appreciated.

    Also, @Antonio Orlando had shared on an earlier post that using a cell phone camera to check the lighting prior to shooting. I've been using my iPhone in camera mode, hold it up to a light for a couple seconds and if it creates banding it'll be clearly evident on the screen. I then have either turned off the light, or dimmed it if possible. His tip has helped me several times. Now the camera has solved it.

    Banding shown with iPhone camera

  • Hi there @Bill! Thank you very much for the detailed feedback, and glad to hear the firmware is helping! We're still doing a few more tweaks to make sure it's not *over aggressive*, and to improve general performance. More on that soon!

  • I would love to try the BETA software. I've noticed the yellow and banding and it definitely impacts the quality of the Model. Thanks! Steve

  • I have done a scan on Friday and noticed that the camera was scanning "normally" when the light conditions were fine and showed processing during the scans where down-lights were used in the rooms of the house. On my phone camera I could see banding and after the model was processed it look normal without any banding.

  • Unfortunately i am not beta testing the upgrade to resolve the yellow blotches which have produced poor models. I find it interesting that the only solution i have come up that works to resolve the yellow blotches IS using LED bulbs. In projects where the blotches have made the model unusable i have gone back in and replaced all the bulbs with 5K daylight LED bulbs. Although it is very time consuming to change all the bulbs , it has produced usable models with minimal yellow tint that the Matterport camera has been struggling with.

  • Hi there @dynamicvision3d! Good news -- as you may have seen in the latest update, the production version of firmware is out to our beta testers. We expect good results, with a wide release coming quite soon!

  • I have had the pleasure of testing this. It added about 30 seconds to each scan in a VERY yellow house. It was unbearable at times.

    The end result, however, was one of the best looking tours I've ever shot with absolutely AMAZING white balance in all images.

    Hopefully they can get the performance up as the 240 scan tour (including failed scans) took 2 hours longer to scan than it should have and it was a bit stressful on all those involved.

  • Hi there @Chris Hickman! Thanks for the feedback! Definitely grab the newest version -- released about 6pm Pacific time yesterday -- and try it!

    You should see all of the same image quality, and FASTER than normal performance in all but the heaviest LED-light areas. :-)

    Let us know what you think!

  • Thanks, Scott! My model was one that was VERY yellow. I don't think LED banding was the issue - but as you said, this is to address both LED Banding issues and YELLOW tints.

    This tour should have been VERY yellow -- and it was not. The results are astoundingly good.

  • Hi @MP/Scott

    This is all good news. May we please ask that you add a date into your updates.

    Absolutely love @Chris Hickman

    Latest model share! Great model! Wonderful example of Matterport.

    2 questions.

    In the tour the shot from the lounge opposite double front doors has a blue circle right across the screen (as if viewer is right in the middle if great big scan circle); on my iphone. What causes these artifacts?

    Chris you provide the model link; will you allow us to include this in our own MSP promotions (full credit to you n Jeffrey of course)?

  • Have got the latest update about an hour ago, and did a quick test scan under led light, led flood light and fluorescent light and scans was done reasonably fast, and will see how it looks when its ready .

  • Test scans looks great and scans were also faster than on the previous beta software, so definitely and improvement,

  • Test scans looks great and scans were also faster than on the previous beta software, so definitely and improvement,

  • I can't wait to get the update! I am curious if it will help control the yellow with basic tungsten lighting, which is what I deal with much more often than LED.

  • Date added, along with more recent info -- thanks @simonmodera!


    @MP-Scott Not soon enough!! Hopefully I will not have my client cancel the job Monday! I am embarrased and he demands high quality.

    My latest model scan of a classic 'off-white' multi-$million home is a YELLOW DEVIL. On a dark overcast day I had no option but to keep the tungsten lights on despite large windows and skylights. No re-do opportunity.


  • After doing 2 scans with the new firmware i am extremely happy with the results. Both properties had bright sun, LED and incandescent bulbs and i had no issues with yellow blotches or banding. The overall tone seemed very crisp. My client, who did not know i had scanned with new firmware, commented that they noticed the scans seemed " a lot cleaner". The new firmware is a little more demanding when it comes to exterior scans. Scans need to be closer to one another and it appears you need to be closer to fixed objects. I will take that over the yellow blotches any day.

  • Thank you for detailed review, @dynamicvision3d! Glad to hear it's helping!

  • When will the recorded difference in Color Temperature with LED lighting be solved ?

    When we record 3000 Kelvin, the recording shows around 5000 Kelvin.

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