Using Mattertags to link two models

Just had a client who wanted multiple spaces scanned, but only wanted one URL. I used Mattertags to link them all together. Take a look:



  • That's really cool! I'm assuming you just inserted the other MP URLs into the Mattertags, correct?

  • Hi there @ppatrick! The feature @josh is referring to is still in the beta -- it works in most circumstances, but has a few rough edges. We're collecting feedback and can't wait to get this launched to everyone!

  • Any updates on this? We have a listing with a separate apt downstairs, with an outside entrance. I have two models that I would love to link together.

    Note: I'm not the person who does the scans, so I'm totally unfamiliar with how to do things, and am looking for something to forward to the person who does the scans. If I tell her "use Mattertags" will she know what that means? Is there a link you can direct us to?


  • Hi there @mpmaryland, the feature's getting close, working some lingering issues and then looking forward to launching it all of you!

  • I would like to see the same functionality in the CoreVR or Custom VR as an added feature.

  • I figured out how to use MatterTags to link between two scans in a tour -- and the strangest thing happened -- it went into guided tour mode and it 'zombie' walked from the front of an elevator to the staircase adjacent to it... creeped up the stairs and walked to the front of the second floor elevator :)

    I'm not sure why MatterTags links are still in BETA as they work -- but if implementing jumping between panos with a transition effect is in the 'To Do' list before launching, then I'm all for it! :)

  • Please increase the amount of characters we can put in the MatterTag link :) -- you cannot copy all of a tour with parameters if linking to another scene in the tour :)

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