Hello from Central WI

I am very new to the Matterport Community. So far I have scanned homes for our use only and feel they are sufficient for our needs but could be much better, especially since we are hoping to expand into the realtor market. We build homes, apartment buildings, and commercial buildings. I have scanned finished homes, and also homes that are in rough framing. Recently I crossed the threshold onto the front porch of one of the rough framed homes. I would like to be able to do more and would like to know if there are any step by step directions I can access to learn more about these processes. Such as how to Matterport tag, how to do 360 views, etc. Thanks for your help!



  • Welcome, @jessicaanunson! To start off with, here are some Matterport resources you may find useful:

    PDF User Guides

    All About 360 Views


    ...If you have specific questions, definitely ask in "Support from the Community"!

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  • Hi @jessicaanunson Glad to have you part of the community! In case you haven't yet, I recommend accessing the MSP Member Portal (see below under ACCOUNT/Service Partner Portal). As an MSP we have access to past instructional webinars and marketing materials/videos.

    I encourage you to experiment with the camera once you have a complete scan done. Copy it on your iPad and then practice opening/closing doors, deleting/adding scans, do exterior step-outs, etc.

    As an example, some exterior scans can be made in very bright sunlight, while some others won't process even under heavy cloud cover. While much of the difficulty of shooting outside lies with infrared vs. sunlight, a great part of it is also the geometry and proximity of surrounding walls and objects. The more (&closer) walls/objects there are for the infrared to register, the better the chance of getting a scan point. But it is unpredictable.

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