How 'Closet Peeks' Enhance a 3D Space

Closets & Elevator Peeks

I always prefer to shoot a home that is staged rather than one 'lived-in' for two reasons. In a staged home I'm usually alone and don't have to contend with small, uncontrolled dogs or cats, small kids, or real estate agents that don't seem to understand our camera goes around in a circle. No, you can't stand on the deck, or sit at the table or start taking your pics...

What I like to do is to enrichen a walk-though with some animation (limited as it is) by doing Closet Peeks. When I enter a bedroom or walk down a hallway I prefer to first see the space with all the doors closed. I think it shows better than having a closet door open.

Then, when you 'step' up to the door, it is open with an interior look inside the closet. I'm sure other MSP's do this also, and so far the agents I service like this approach.

For me, what I've found works best is to shoot the entire room/space prior to positioning the camera in front of the door you want to 'open'. By shooting the overall space first, it creates enough data that the final scan 'open door' data doesn't overpower the previous stitching. It also works best when the closet door you open is a) a slider, b) opens 180 degrees or c) opens 90 degrees.



  • Very clever technique, @Bill!

  • Thanks Bill!

  • Thanks for the tip!

  • How did you do that?

  • Next time you scan a property, once you're done create a duplicate copy. Then go to a hall where a closet door will open flat against the wall, open it all the way and scan it. Experiment with bedroom doors the same way. By using a copy you only cost yourself a little bit of time and don't risk ruining a project. :)

  • @Bill I tried it for the first time yesterday - The one closet was relatively easy and the other not so, but everyone loves the "PEEK".. thank you for sharing your idea! Here is my showcase if you want a PEEK:
    thanks again!

  • @Lisa Hinson Gorgeous home! Nice work building in the peek. Would love to curate that model to our Gallery! If the owner is cool with it, can you please submit rights to it on our form? I've been on the hunt for more homes in the southwest and I don't think we have many homes featured from Santa Fe. Love the staging of the house!

  • Thank you for your post. Going to use your technique when I find that the closets are more presentable than the last scan I did. Moreover, I used a similar technique to take a scan on the Front Porch with the front door open. The second scan was just inside and had the front door still open held in place with a door stop. Prior to the third scan, the door was closed and remained closed for the rest of the scans. The effect is that the door opens when you step up to the front and closes when you move away. The camera aligned just fine and it worked well for me.

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