Blood donation centre - using people

A blood transfusion not-for-profit organisation in Cape Town, South Africa, needed a video to show the whole process of donating blood - nine steps in total, from filling in the form to getting some refreshments afterwards. I suggested a 3D model using Mattertags instead to explain the process, and suggested we use people in the model too. The result:

I had to step in as a model but fortunately am registered as a donor (in the bright blue top). I hate needles but reckoned the sacrifice worth it. You'll see the iPad on my lap, there wasn't much I could do to hide it.

They're really happy with it and so are we at 3Dscann. It was tricky getting everyone to understand that they shouldn't move (and smile) for 30 seconds at a time, but I think we mostly got it right.



  • @Erika, this is great! Do you mind if I share this with the team internally?

  • Absolutely - I have their permission to share the model, so go ahead!

  • Also, if your team has suggestions on how I can improve the Mattertags, please let me know.

  • Hi @Erika Sorry I missed this. This is fantastic. I love it when clients will 'stage' people in the shots as it really enhances the overall experience for the viewer. What an excellent use of a 3D Space and MTags.

  • @Erika, I'm new to all of this so I have a question about using people. I am assuming they must do the mannequin pose and hold very still - correct? Did you have to rescan anything due to people moving?

  • Hi @todd-1 yes, I asked them to stay still while the camera does its thing. Also, those near the camera shouldn't change their pose much in-between scans for as long as the camera is close to them. The people in this model, other than me, all work for the blood transfusion service and were very cooperative.

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