B747-400 Global SuperTanker

We did an interesting job last weekend near Tucson AZ. We shot every square meter of the B747-400 Global SuperTanker. 3 decks approx. 5,525 sq ft in total. Shooting in very dangerous areas (sometimes straddled on 2" rails) in 108°F/42°C desert heat (122°F/50°C inside) 2 days - 400 scans - 28 man hours - 8 hours commute. We believe we broke new ground and created a few Matterport records along the way.
* First floor to floor transition through portal or crawl space.
* Largest aircraft scanned in it's entirety.
* Hottest environment for using Matterport equipment (est interior temps near 122°F/50°C).

We took nearly 400 scans and managed a usable stable model at 299 scans. Model processing time of last upload was approx 12 hours. Because of the height of the lower deck (6 ft) the lower deck wasn't recognized as separate floor in model so we created separate models as well for each deck.

We are still prepping our copy of the modelsfor marketing but here is a video we made of the tour.

Global SuperTanker

We want to thank the team at Global SuperTanker for giving us exclusive access to the aircraft for two days along with the Ground Power Unit (GPU).



  • WOW!! @Bill Bailey, that is incredible!! Please *please* post a link to your model when you're able to! How did you guys deal with the danger, and the heat?

  • This was one of the most challenging shoots. One misstep and we would either find ourselves either kissing the tarmac or pulling ourselves up from the belly of the airplane. We carried heaps of water. Due to excessive heat and sweat we actually dropped 2 Matterport cameras while trying to maneuver around tight spaces which we now must send in for recalibration. But overall a fun shoot :)

  • Here is working model: B747-400 Global SuperTanker
    To learn about this incredible aircraft visit

  • Thanks! @Bill Bailey, I send this to our Marketing team here, and I believe they're interested in talking with you! They'll be in touch by email. Thanks again for posting, very inspiring!

  • Hi Scott - we submitted this to the gallery. I believe this to be a worthy submission.

  • AMAZING SPACE!!! Had to be really challenging and I appreciate the your sharing how creativity, planning and plain hard work pays off. Stretching the boundaries....

  • Great!

    What do you mean by "First floor to floor transition through portal or crawl space"?

  • There are 3 decks - upper, main and lower. The lower deck was divided into forward and aft sections separated by fuel tank/landing wheels. There are no steps to lower deck from main deck. The only access point to forward lower deck was an area approx 12" x 18". Even though there was a small ladder from hatch the space was too small to crawl down into. Climbing up from the belly of the airplane into the forward section of lower deck and placing camera below hatch did not provide for enough overlap between scans to allow for alignment. The same for aft lower section however there was no hatch and the whole in the floor was smaller approx 12" square. Scanning a path outdoors up through belly of aircraft into these spaces was not an option as no photography was allowed on the flight line (security). But we experimented and after about an hour we managed to get scans aligned resulting in all 3 decks showing in single model.

  • Very Cool! Amazing job Bill

  • thx - as of today the model as received 21,500 impressions in less than one week

  • Had to do it - this is resulting floor plan from the 747 Aerial Firefighting Tanker we did.

    Interesting how they interpreted the spaces the best they could. That's one big engine room on the floor 2 :-) Shows this is somewhat of a subjective process that we can easily edit and clean up for our clients. Link again to 747 model

  • Simply AMAZING!

  • From Matterport:
    Congratulations! Your Space, B747-400 Global SuperTanker, has been nominated for the "SPACE OF THE YEAR" award in our 1st Annual Matty Awards! You should be very proud of your work! Thousands of Matterport Spaces have been created to date, but yours really stood out to us! Winners for each of the categories will be selected by a company-wide vote and will be announced on Monday, May 1!

    Matty Awards

    Thank you Matterport!

  • Congratulations on the nomination!

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