08/02/16 - [Coming soon] Capture outdoor scans with 360° Views



  • Fantastic News!

  • Looking forward to any tutorials on how to properly capture these scans which will undoubtedly improve the 3D walk through experience.

  • Hi there @Franco Figueroa! Definitely -- we're pretty excited about this, and we want to do all we can to make it easy for users! The more people that are using it, the more feedback we get about what works and what needs improvement. Hopefully, it makes your life better, by allowing you to scan more spaces, more thoroughly, and generate more business!

    More coming soon... :-)

  • Will this count as one of our scans? How will this work with the monthly allowance?

  • Hi there @tamtycz! Good questions -- we can't comment until it's released, but we've aimed to make it as straightforward as we can.

  • Great news guys!

    Will the 360 view have any impact on being able to make it a VR model? Because it won't have the geometry behind it?

  • Hey @Steeeeve! Great q, but we sadly can't answer until release. :-)

  • Eagerly awaiting like a kid before christmas then!

  • Currrently I also use an iPad3 with the capture app, will this also work after the update?
    And does the iPad-Hardware have any relation to the end result when capturing?

  • Hi there @Marcus Morba! Actually, iPad 3's are not supported -- you can see the list of support iPad models here. That said, Capture will sometimes work on lower-spec, unsupported devices, but you may hit stability problems due to the device's memory constraints.

    To answer your second question, data quality is consistent between iPad models. What changes is stability (due to memory usage, noted above), alignment speed (related to processor speed, meaning faster processors align more quickly), and of course, storage capacity.

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