Welcome from Team NFINITE VR - A team in Texas!

Personally, I was beyond intrigued when I first saw the capabilities of Matterport. What really blew me away was when my team and I captured our first space and felt like we were there. From that day forward, we have been trying to push the infinite boundaries of 3-D Scanning.

To elaborate on pushing the infinite boundaries, we captured San Antonio's first Virtual Reality Art Gallery. This was amazing because it "immortalized" the art show. Now that the paintings are off the walls, the gallery lives on. We have great ideas that we are now executing on such as capturing historical properties and helping with the preservation of these historic locations. Providing people with the ability to walk through a space that they might not be able to see in person is very beneficial and overall, cool.

We work in the Virtual Reality industry, with our initial focus being Matterport. We are located in Austin and San Antonio and are creating a great business with the power of VR technology.

In my spare time, I love playing pick-up basketball. 4 hours seems like 1 and it provides me with a great workout. I also enjoy are learning about things that will attribute to my success such as meeting people and working in other industries. For example, I worked an event for a private jet company in Nantucket last summer which allowed me to learn the industry and meet some very interesting people. My team and I have some great ideas to help the world through VR and we believe it starts with Matterport.

  • How did you get involved with 3D scanning?
  • How are you hoping to use the Matterport system?
  • What industry do you work in, and where are you located?
  • What do you do in your spare time?



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