Issue with the latest update - being able to save you contact details etc

Hi There

I have just received the email update letting us know that we are now able to save our info so that we don't have to enter it on every scan we do - YAY!

Here are the issues I'm having - I did not create the account that we use as a company so I quickly realised that I don't have the "rights" in my login to activate this setting. Some what annoying... however because I run this side of our business I have those login details so I logged into the "owners" account and added those details. It was at this point that I realised that mean't that my details are going to be put onto the other users accounts as well - this doesn't work. We are currently starting up with another photographer in a different area and she has her own login and needs for her details to "automatically fill". So what I'm asking is that not only the "owner" of the account should have the ability to do this each user should as well - can this be changed to accomdate all users? Also because I am based internationally it won't allow me to add my phone number - even with the + symbol and area code... can this also be fixed?

Thanks Marcia - Property3D, Auckland, New Zealand




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