Backyard space with pool

Just after I received my our first Matterport camera (2014) and ran it through the tests to include shooting the backyard. This was done over 2 days one day cloudy and the other just before sunrise. Outdoor spaces are very challenging and time consuming to shoot. The dollhouse view is not attractive but you can still get a general layout of the property. Note the water - this is limitation of the infrared sensors.

Oddly this model broke just couple of weeks ago and wouldn't display. Support found a bug in their system that affected some of the older models. They were able to fix the model by reprocessing it (?) but still waiting to access it again through the workshop soI can clean up some scans.



  • WOW! @Bill Bailey, that is some SUPER impressive work! I wasn't expecting to see such a large outdoor area!

    If you're up for it, feel free to add a screenshot or two to this post -- don't want people to miss this!

  • Thanks Scott. This was one of the first I did and admittedly could have done better with the marks. Also there was a bug on Matterport servers that broke some older models with this being one. In addition to not loading I could not work in workshop mod. They reprocessed it so I took down old link (above) and replaced with this reprocessed one.

    Here are some screen grabs

  • That model ROCKS! Nice work!

  • That's impressive. I have limited my outdoors to opening and closing back door and going out into a covered patio and pretending the perimeter of the patio is all windows. How long did it take you to do the backyard? I could only see doing this for a killer backyard.

  • Took only about 4 hours over 2 days dodging the sun - many thx

  • @Bill Bailey very nice! Makes for a fun walk through. Exteriors are challenging, but make really nice Spaces when they work.


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