Art Collectors' Home

Art Collectors’ Home.

Recently I had the opportunity to create a model showcase for a beautiful home filled with amazing art. The clients wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary with a 3D tour of the home they designed and literally built with their own hands. The couple had also decorated the home with an extensive art collection gathered over the years of their marriage.

In early planning for the shoot, we discussed the clients’ wishes and expectations. We determined the showcase should feature unique design elements of the 4300 sq. /ft. home’s interior and exterior, and highlight specific works of art. I sent them a list of guidelines on how to prepare for the shoot, an estimate of the path the scan and capture would follow through the home and property, and how long the process should take.

Upon arrival at the location we did a preliminary walk-through. The home and grounds were stunning and the artworks were amazing. I learned a little about the couple’s background and interests. A quote from the husband:“The house is our art, my wife and I designed it and literally built it ourselves when we were in our early 40s, but now we’re in our mid-60s and have collected all the objects you’ve seen. The vast majority is one-off, eclectic art that has meaning to us. Each piece has a story from our travels.”

The scan and showcase presented several challenges that included

  • 1.Night shooting of selected art pieces to take advantage of artificial light.
  • 2.Daytime shooting of the home’s exterior and landscaped property.
  • 3.A large number of Mattertags to highlight the art collection and tie a short story to each piece.

We collaborated on a final plan for the scan and capture. The logistics brought up an additional challenge. Some doors would be open during part of the scan and closed during other parts (the couple had 2 cats).

I started the scan about 6:00 in the evening and was able to scan part of the main floor, the home’s front exterior and outside on the rear deck. As darkness fell I moved back inside to catch the selected artworks under artificial light. This is when I came upon the first door, now closed, that had to be opened. I did a couple of scans as I approached the door with the camera height set extremely low. I was able to open the door and continue scanning with the camera set at normal height. Matterport is very tolerant of camera height adjustments. I finished the first day by completing all the scans for the main floor.

I came back the next day to scan the lower floor and complete the Capture part of the project.This is when I came upon the second closed door, a glass slider leading out to the rear patio. Because my previous scans were from about 30 feet away, and the door was glass, I could now open the door and move through it without any problems.

With 150+ scans to complete the entire home and property, the next step was to create a highlight reel in Workshop. I created a guided tour to give access to the model showcase for viewers who may not be accustomed to navigating a self-guided tour. With help from the clients, we added 90+ Mattertags to tell the story behind the home and artworks.

A couple of tips for adding Mattertags.

  • 1.Play around when positioning the tag and the length of the tag stem. The orientation of the tag stem is dependent on the plane it is attached to. Make sure your tags don’t obstruct the items you are highlighting, and make sure your stems are pointing to the correct object.
  • 2.You can use cut and paste to enter text into the tag description.

I had a lot of fun working on this project, I met an interesting couple that I could share an appreciation of art with, and I increased my knowledge and experience with the Matterport technology. Please take the “Art Collectors’ Home” 3D tour and enjoy.



  • Quite a project that came out great. Shows off the use of Mattertags very well. Nice job!

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  • Super model... Excellent!

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