Custom Matterport Camera Cases by Tiger Pro

We manufacture custom cases for the Matterport Camera and ship worldwide. These cases are made with a custom dual-layer polyurethane foam inside of the industry leading Pelican Case. These cases are all hardshell cases specifically designed to protect your camera during travel from job to job as well as from accidental dropping. They are water proof, crush proof, and dust proof. We now have three models available which are all made in the USA. Come check us out at

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  • which of your cases meet airlines' carry-on requirements?

  • To make traveling easier I would like to store my professional grade tripod in the same case with my Matterport, iPad, and as well as all the accessories need for scans.  Current design of the Tiger Pro has a section for a small tripod but it is too small for my Manfrotto 290.  I bought the Tiger Pro case thinking it would hold the larger tripod but it does not.  Did I buy the wrong case?

  • Hello Al,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Our current cases do not help any tripods in side the case.We discontinued the 2720 case last November, this was the case that held the travel tripod.  We can make a custom case to fit your tripod but we would need to know which tripod you purchased to make a case for you. 

    The challenge with getting the tripod inside the case is that the case itself becomes quite large and rather heavy.  We are continuing to look for a case that accommodates everything in one case but have not found an option we are satisfied with just yet.

    Feel free to reach out to me personally if you'd like to discuss any options.




  • There are two cases that meet general carry-on airline regulations: 
    Tiger-Mini 2300 and the Tiger-Matt 2450.

    Each airlines carry-on regulations may differ so please check with your airline for more information.

  • Tiger Pro is a fraud company. I ordered a tiger pro case in March. After not hearing from them for 2 months I got a mail stating that the owner was unwell and hence all undelivered orders will be refunded. On humanitarian grounds I agreed and waited for 3 months. However, now they have stopped replying to my mails and have not even refunded the money. It’s obviously a company out to defraud people. I would beware anyone thinking of ordering anything from them!!

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