How I Got My Start

A little over three years ago my wife and I fulfilled a long term goal of moving to the Bay Area from wintry Michigan. In the process I hoped to find a new career involving technology and started to attend various tech demos. I’ve always embraced new technologies and learned early on with my Commodore 64 that programming was not going to be in my future. So I’ve known my potential with tech was with the use/application vs. design side.

At one of the many tech meet-ups I attended, Matterport co-founder Matt Bell demonstrated their beta camera. I was instantly intrigued. When Matt scanned the audience and projected the 3-D model for all to see, I knew it meant big changes in photography and how we interact with interior spaces and that I wanted to be part of the 3D revolution. After approaching Matterport, and knowing what they really needed were software engineers, I was fortunately offered the chance to test out the beta camera.

I became one of Matterport’s early testers, scanning projects including small residential and commercial spaces. It wasn’t long before I started scanning…well…everything. From hotels and rental spaces, to restaurants, retail locations, and unique large-scale projects like Ai Weiwei’s @Large exhibit on Alcatraz. Scanning has taken me onto aircraft carriers, to the Palace of Fine Arts, Super Bowl City and beyond. Now I’m a full-time MSP.

My previous career was in interior design and furniture. I’ve found my understanding of spatial layout, natural traffic flow and key focal points transfers well to scanning a space and knowing where someone wants to stand in a 3-D model. In addition, my years spent as a manufacturer representative helped develop the skills needed when calling on agents and business owners to explain why they need a new 3D product.

Prior to developing a professional 3D photography business I was a manufacturer representative in the furniture industry, Director of Design & Business Development for Art Van Furniture and General Manager of La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, located in Michigan.



  • It's awesome that you've been able to get into so many different areas with Matterport I hope I can branch out like that.

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  • First time I see a picture of the beta of the Matterport camera, thanks for the historic picture!

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