PLEASE READ - Third-party product & services guidelines


This area is for products and services that may be of interest to Matterport customers and their users. It is NOT for the advertisement of scanning or other photography services.

We actively moderate this area, meaning that we must review all content before it goes live. We do this to ensure we have a chance to review the product or service being offered. If a product or service isn't considered appropriate or complementary to Matterport's offerings, we may opt not to include it.

Please note that NONE OF THE BELOW products or services are endorsed by, affiliated with, or supported by Matterport. We make no guarantees or promises as to quality, security, reliability, and the like for any of these products or services. In other words, you choose to use the below at your own risk.

If you'd like to submit your product or service, please post with the following:

  • A short (1-2 paragraph) description of what you're offering
  • An image if appropriate
  • Additional contact information
  • If you're submitting a scanning or photography service, stop, and go to instead. We don't list MSP services here.

We will review and approve if appropriate.

Thank you,

-The Matterport Team




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