The ability to turn measurements on and off in floor plan mode

Hi There

it would be fantastic if a user of our models would have the option to turn measurements on/off - for example you could have the same type of selection box (as below) on the floorplan with the option of "Measurements ON or Measurements OFF" so that way people can look at the measurements inside the model itself - this would save me time as I wouldn't have to supply an additional file including the measurements. This would be a very helpful sales tool to my Real Estate agents.



  • Interesting... To make sure we understand: you're saying you'd like a toggle box to show/hide measurements across the entire model, available in Showcase, correct? Would you ever want to remove/disallow that functionality?

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  • Hi Scott

    Yup thats correct. It just gives our users the option to turn on the measurements if they choose. Yes it would be great to have the option to decide if you want to have measurements or not - ie we can charge the agent if they want the measurement option, if they don't want to pay then we don't need to have the option turned on.


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