Having a progress bar for processing time (similar to the progress bar that exists for upload time)




  • Would this be primarily for you to check status/confirm that the Space is processing normally? Or is there pressure from clients to provide a specific ETA for a given Space? Or some other need that I've missed?

  • Primarily to check to see approx how much longer the wait will be before I can get into the workshop and/or have the model ready to make public for clients. Obviously the larger the model the longer the processing time, but it would be helpful to be able to view the progress on the processing if that is at all possible.

  • For me it would be to know things are processing normally.

  • This would be very helpful for urgent scans when you have pressure from clients

  • Are you thinking of specific locations where progress would show - Capture app (iPad), Portal, or both? The processing duration is a function of multiple factors, including the number of scans as well as the complexity of the content in each scan. Thus a projected completion time may not be available until enough processing has occurred to understand how complex a job it is.

    If a projected completion time was unavailable (or inaccurate), are there other kinds of status that would help? e.g. "In the queue", "started processing", "in progress","completed"? Obviously the email that your job is complete covers the last one, but if there are other ideas for status or information that would help you at different points in your workflow, please share. Thanks!

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