Matterport Capture for Android

Hey, I was just waiting for someone else to post this one. :) It kind of makes sense since you support Samsung VR, which is an Android Platform for viewing.



  • Thanks for the note Chris. Do you have specific devices in mind? One of the challenges in the Android world is that there can be many subtly different variations of the platform depending on the OEM that makes and supports the device. Thus testing and support can quickly become a challenge. Are you thinking tablet, phablet or phone form factors? Or several? Curious about what you are thinking.

  • Tablets. Support Samsung and Google Nexus devices. I'd buy a Nexus as a dedicated Matterport scanner.

  • I suggest supporting Google's Project Tango, Nexus and the Samsung Note lines. I would think Project Tango devices already have a lot of the technology available and on board.

  • Thanks @Chris Hickman and @goownit, good to hear.

    Indeed Tango is important to us (see this post on our website). Note that is focused on mobile capture scenarios, versus running the Matterport Capture app in conjunction with the Pro Camera (which I think is the initial focus of Chris' post).

  • I personally think that the whole Android fragmentation conversation is a bit overblown. Sure there are different screen sizes, which is true of Apple Devices too. The Matterport Capture App is already beautifully responsive, so I think really the question is which version of Android to support. By supporting Kit Kat and later, you're pretty much setting the bar for modern devices that should have just as much power under the hood as the support iPads.

  • Agreed Chris - MP, what's the official word on future android table support?

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