Photographer Brand Watermarking in Showcase and on Downloaded Images

For those of us whose business is based on Matterport capability we are largely invisible to the audience. We need to watermark images downloaded AND in the Showcase (signature style with branded logos).




  • Super-cool idea, @simonmodera! Would you want this primarily for branding purposes (so the logo is pretty prominent), or for preventing misuse (logo might be much more subtle)? Would you want it in a corner?

  • Hi Scott

    Both. Branding primarily but it also serves avoidance of misuse. Typically bottom right hand corner in the download images. In the Showcase it could be top right placed but left of the terms..

  • But visible throughout the time Showcase is used.

  • Same technique could be used as in the top left (Presented by) i.e. auto-display with expansions but can be collapsed.

  • Given a lot of the work that MP professionals do is generally for a third party what would be ideal is to have potentially the ability to have two logo's. One that is prominent (for example the real estate agents logo that is presenting the property) the other less prominent (my business logo so that it is clear who performed the scan. I would not want to see my business branding being too prominent as it will potentially annoy clients but I do want to have some way of identifying my business as being the one that has performed the scan. Currently it is being put in the description field which is only visible if the viewer expands the information tab. One idea I would have is to have the real estate agents logo appear above the information box in the top left corner (prominent), then my company logo much smaller and opaque in the bottom right hand corner with a note model created by:. I would only want the real estate agents logo to watermark on any still shots downloaded.

  • Hi All

    Any update on Branding re above.Re Showcase even a Hidden one that could be activated by Keyboard,similar to U for urls.

    I think this should be an Option especially with being able to utilise Snapshot Stills with the Pro 2 (When they arrive)

  • Was this question ever answered by Matterport?

  • I posted this in July and it was not Answered by anyone from Matterport

  • Watermarking is an essential requirement in my view. Misuse of spaces in one aspect, but far more importantly is the ability for Matterport 'partners' who are building a business around Matterport to have some bragging rights for marketing.

    Is Matterport against this feature?

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