Hiding 3D Dollshouse sections

The background to this the impact to models from sunlight and heat.

The Dollshouse and Floorplan views are often seriously damaged with 'holes' and big sections missing leaving only odd artifacts. The conundrum is we have superb photographic images, 360 views, which are truly key features of the property - necessary for selling or renting - but the Dollshouse and Floor plan are so messed up there is a desire to delete all those scans. I know this is a technical challenge but the ability to hide (NOT delete) whole sections and other 'artifacts' would allow us to show of the good dollshouse and floorplans.

The REAL need is for an ability to mask over whole sections [no-op the display] (probably via the floorplan view but which would also apply in the 3D dollshouse ). So Showcase would not display that section for that floor without impacting the scans, the images, the tour.

I have already had occasion to turn off the dollshouse leaving only the tour and self navigation. A disappointed client who wont use this product service again.


Scott. Advanced capability would be to allow masking out / hiding / patching artifacts in the 3D Dollshouse view - like holes from certain materials that do not reflect infrared scan. I experienced an invisible patio furniture upholstery fabric yesterday. This is completely invisible to the Matterport scanner (leaving holes). Similar with a deck paint. The holes are a challenge to see right through disturbing navigation but even worse is if there is a floor beneath the FLOORS GET MERGED. Yes - we know that Matterport recommends not to scan out doors but clients want the added value or will revert to video.



  • @simonmodera, interesting. So are you saying, be able to hide/turn off individual rooms from displaying? That feels like it might be more confusing to the user, like, "Where is the kitchen?" Or is that in conjunction with some kind of heal/fix function, to try to fill the dark areas?
  • @MP-Scott Hi Scott, I guess it could be described as hiding individual rooms; and yes it 'may' be related to a fix / patch function but that depends upon how its built as hide vs patch could be somewhat counter active to one another. Staying with the 'hide' proposal for the moment the targets for me would not be internal rooms but external decks, patios roof tops where I would want to identify individual or groups of scans as Image, Explore, Tour Only - i.e. exclude from 3D Dollshouse / floor plan. The fix or patch may be the opposite where we wish to include in the 3D Dollhosue and floorplan but apply a mask to hide the hole. Please feel free to call me if I am not being clear.

  • @MP-Scott Here is an example of a home where I needed to turn off the 3D Dollshouse as the Roof Top deck was so damaged the majority of the scans 'fell through' the holes in the mesh and merged with the floor below consequently a 3rd floor (roof top) was not generated. Navigating through this onto the roof top is a challenge.

  • I understand the points that @simondera is making and having the ability to edit the model to mask/blend/cover the black areas would be helpful. I include outdoor shots with almost all my 3D Spaces and so far (luckily) have not had any clients get upset about the dollhouse/floorplan views.

    By including exterior shots we are pushing the limits of the current technology. But I think the added time to do it enhances immersion/experience and is well worth it. At the same time there is more risk of 'blackness', floating circles, etc.

    I have found that I need to explain to new clients prior to a shoot the limitations that occur with exterior shots and what features are most important to them - dollhouse, floorplan or exterior shots? I recognize that even those discussions may not eliminate customer dissatisfaction (as in this 3D Space). I also make sure they are totally aware that I can never guarantee an exterior shot.

  • Hi, please read this request that I've posted because it would be simpler to implement for Matterport (i.e. more likely to be done soon if you vote it):

    Replace OBJ file with a better one

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