Ability to View Posted Tours in Matterport Capture, Add 360 Views

I would love to be able to view uploaded tours in the Matterport Capture App. While I recognize that we cannot add tours to an uploaded tour that is no longer on our iPads, I do not see a reason why we should not be able to add a 360 view.

How many of us have shot tours of public places that we would now love to go back and add a 360 view of an exterior for? I bet we are all thinking about this - and the solution seems simple.



  • @Chris Hickman, oooh, interesting! If I'm understanding this correctly, you're seeking a method to add exterior 360 imagery to existing Spaces, correct?
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  • Correct. I have clients who are interested. this would provides us MSPs with new opportunities to serve existing and previous clients as well as bolstering the way that others perceive those platform by retrofitting older tours with this new feature.

    This is not too much to ask.

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