Native 3D model Integration into Zillow, Trulia etc...

I think it is rather strange that no one is addressing the largest concern that realtors have which is getting visibility of their 3D models on popular search aggregators such as Zillow. Sure, you can put a link in the MLS in the "Virtual Tour" field, but realistically the term virtual tour is stigmatised by the cheesy ken burns stills set to music that no one ever clicks on because they offer no value. These are not "virtual tours" as we all know. That being said, if no one is clicking on the "Virtual Tour" link (which is buried at the bottom of the property's description), then no one is seeing the 3D tour. If no one sees the 3D tour, what use is it for home buyers or the realtors that pay for them to be created. Sure, the realtor can create a micro site for the property and feature all of the rich media they want (floor plans, property videos etc), but zillow limits those as well (they don't want people to click on an external site). Also, they can distrubute them through social media, but facebook is not a destination for homebuyers to search for their next home. According to NAR, the majority of home searches begin on aggregator sites like zillow, trulia, and not on twitter, instagram or facebook.

What realtors have been asking for is the ability to highlight the 3D tour near the top of the listing with a 3D icon (much in the same way that Amazon books have an icon that says "look inside"). Until this happens, both home buyers will not see value in 3D scans and as result, MP 3D will die on the vine without anyone ever seeing the incredible value they bring.

So, my biggest question to the nice folks over at Matterport is why are we even talking about all of our wish lists of exciting new features when the entire home buying audience isn't even seeing the great features that already exist today??



  • Don´t forget sharing on Facebook. MP announced this ages ago and nothing has happened.

  • The biggest problem with a solution like this is the way that the Realtor organization holds and distributes the information as put in through the IDX. First you would need to convince the Realtor Organization that you are a big enough company to let them integrate (Matterport isn't yet), second for this to work, the way that information is transferred over to your syndicate sites, you would have to have the entire IDX file transfer protocall re-written to include this information. Simply put it is not realistic to be done (even though it would be fantastic if it could be). If you were to include a 3D showcase icon like you were talking about, you would still have to reach a critical mass of say at least 20%-30% of ALL the homes in the nation having a 3D showcase. We are a LOOOONNNNGGG ways away from that kind of number, until then, it is not important to zillow, trulia,, ect...

    So how do you counter this, and make convince your realtors that it will be seen. Number one, you put it in the virtual tour link box. This should hopefully be a given for a suggestion already. The second is to inform the realtor that it will get more attention if you include some wording like: "CLICK HERE TO SEE A FULL 3D SHOWCASE AND WALKTHROUGH OF THE HOME!!: INSERT MATTERPORT URL HERE." The biggest fight is education on all fronts, and you HAVE to educate the realtors correctly for your sales to work.

  • FANTASTIC notes, @zack!! Thank you for the excellent, well-considered thoughts!

  • I think that Zillow could easily pick up that the Virtual Tour URL pointed to Matterport and alter the 'Virtual Tour' button accordingly. It would be up to Matterport to make a deal with Zillow to allow that.

  • @harry this is definitely something we recognize as important and are working to address. We are of course reliant to some degree on the ILS’s and other sites to prioritize changes that would make it possible to more meaningfully incorporate Matterport Spaces onto their listing pages. But there is positive momentum on that front. For our part, we will continue to roll out features that make it easier for you to post Spaces to listing sites. One suggestion for you (if you aren’t already doing so) is to enter a complete property address for your models. That will come in handy as we make progress with listing sites.

  • A possible help would be a graphic 'pic' Matterport creates that the realtor could use when posting their still pics showing the property. The graphic could say something like 'Be sure to view the 3D Virtual Space/Tour'. When a viewer is clicking through the still pics they would also see the graphic. MSP's could supply it with the links.

  • Hi Harry, I agree in principle but those two aggregators don't operate here and some of the local aggregators are also trying to provide full service to realtors effectively limiting the market... WE need to use other forums (like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) with quick display (to hook interest) with links to our sites. Why? Well, Real estate is just one sector and we need to be able to present a different set of services to different sectors. For example a Virtual 3D, 360 views (a la, Std interior / exterior photos for listing services, aerial photos and video, a map, a drafted floorplan, walking scores, local facilities links, are examples of services used by Realtors and to some degree Rental Property Management, while Strata Property Management need only a subset, Property developers,Industrial Sites, Resorts, Public spaces need other mixes. So what I am saying is that we need to pick n chose products / services for different forums. Getting Virtual 3D to display directly in the Facebook, Twitter feeds (not a link to) is really necessary to get traction in the market for Virtual 3D.

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