"Look parallel to floor" keyboard shortcut in Inside View

The keyboard shortcuts are good, but I miss a very useful one:

in Inside View: "Look parallel to floor".

For example, it could be Spacebar, or whatever. When pressed, it should bring the (virtual) viewer's sight parallel to floor (or anyway, whatever is the default "comfortable" position that is used by default).

In other words, pressing it would quickly "reposition" the head in its rotation around the horizontal axis, to have no rotation from the default starting value.



  • Hi @Antonio Orlando, so this is a "return to starting view" button? And regardless of model or the users's prior interaction, it would just reset the viewer so they are looking straight ahead. Accurate?

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  • I'd better say a "look straight ahead" button: it does not bring you to the starting view, but just positions your head to look... well, not high, not low: straight! :)

    So for example you could stare at the floor ("K" key) and walk with your head down, but at some point you may want to raise your head: currently you need to raise it up "manually" to the right level (with "I" key), while I'm proposing to have a key (e.g. Spacebar) that raises it to the right level.

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