A Mattertag 'bookshelf'

Understanding that we don't want to 'junk up' the start page with too much stuff, it would be helpful to allow the viewer to have access to a 'MTag Bookshelf/Folder' that would list the MTags used, and it's Title (partial title).

When using many informational MTags (as in a retail store with copy and prices) it is difficult for a viewer to remember which MTag they looked at that caught their attention. They will get frustrated if they have to 'wander' around to find it again.

Being able to access a MTAG list would enhance the use of MTags and be viewer friendly.

Would be really cool if the viewer could save it to 'their cart' for their own reference.



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  • I'd prefer a more general way (API, whatever) to eventually overlay any custom built app to the space experience, using informations available within that space, context, etc. That would make what you propose here possible, as many other things.

    Meanwhile, I'm adding my vote here Bill.

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