Matterport and Drone Video continuation:

I misposted an idea named "Link Matterport and Drone Video" by not adding details, so here comes the details. I try to go out onto decks of waterfont properties to show lake views. What if after stepping out onto deck with Matterport there was a drone icon that when selected the viewer was connected to a drone video that surveyed the lakefront and then landed back onto the deck and selected a Matterport icon that then continued the tour within the home.



  • Hi there @kenbbrd! Thanks for the follow-up! I hid your prior post, since this one replaces it -- hope that is OK!

    For this feature, how would you want this link to work? Would it be something you would add via Mattertags, within the model? Or would you want this to appear elsewhere? Would the video play in an overlay on top of the Matterport Space, or would you want it to load into a new tab/window?

    Thanks, very cool idea!

  • This would best be accomplished with Mattertags. Thus, I would position this request as 'Allow Mattertags to have custom icons and contain an image OR video'. Then the video would just display when clicked on.

  • I am a complete new user but a photo snapshot link in the highlight reel that would open up a new browser tab to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.? I think a Mattertag would be nice too but the viewer would have to "discover" the tag in the mesh.

  • For me I have more concerns about embedding a crucial link in a Highlights Reel, based upon my concern that viewers may not totally understand how to navigate that feature.

    I'd like to have the capability to 'turn on' the Title of a MTag so a viewer would be able to see it, vs having to hover/click on it. I'm working on a 3D Space now that I'd like to have the viewer see/know there is important info/data in the 'blue circle'. I'm confident that in time viewers will know how to navigate 3D Spaces, but initially showing the title could be helpful.

    And I agree with @Chris Hickman that having MTags with different icons (drone, etc.) would be an advantage. In the construction industry, different colored MTags can be used for differentiating among electric, plumbing, HVAC, etc.

  • I am really looking for this functionality. Offering both MP and Drone services it is really important to have a way to integrate the two nicely. Currently I have been able to get a workaround in that you can add a link to a Youtube video with a mattertag. This is not ideal as it opens a new window essentially taking the viewer away from the MP model. The challenge I am finding is that not everyone understands the concept of the mattertag and that it is clickable to read what is contained within it. I would love the ability to have different icons for different mattertags. An icon for Video, Photo and weblink would be ideal there are quite universal icons available for these options that people will recognise. Ideally these would be placed in the model as per current mattertags but then have an option to change the icon accordingly. I would like to see the video/image open in an overlay with a clear x button to close to come back to the space. A link to a webpage would open in a new window. This would allow integration of videos and also close up photos to enhance the experience of the MP model.

  • Why is it the Matterport Tour's responsibility for presenting other content? Shouldn't it be the website that displays your content that brings all of your mixed media together? If it's for the MLS, then perhaps a one-site service would be the solution for you.

    Consider - would you ask to add an overlay to a video for a drone video? No. That wouldn't make much sense. You could link to another video - but with Matterport, you will soon be able to do that too.

    Rather, use WP3D Models or another similar solution.

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