Post height of a Mattertag

When creating some models with multiple Mattertags in a model (like 5+ in a row) is would be very helpful if the 'scale' of the Stem Height would actually show the length as you adjust it. Trying to get all MTags height aligned is a bit tedious.



  • Great one, @Bill!

  • Do you normally try to make all Mattertag stems the same length?

  • Hi @ KatherineIt depends on the application. Most of the MTags I create have no post height. However in some models I may have 3-6 MTags that are lined up and making them the same height is important for the visual presentation. I'm posting a link to a project I am working on a personal basis that has several 'lined up'.Remember Them Memorial, Oakland, CA

  • Can someone tell me exactly how to create a link attached to the mattertags? I'm new with my matterport by a week and need to link a couple models together and also put a link to my website for other information. Please explain in detail if you don't mind. Thanks in advance!!! Cindy

  • Hi @cindyconleyjones! I replied to your separate post, but the short version is, that feature is still in beta, but we're working to get it out to you and everyone else ASAP! :-)

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