Show Current Scan Location in Capture App

Wouldn't it be a great update to Capture to show a red circle in the spot where you are currently scanning?

This would:

  • Allow us to make sure we're scanning in a straight line
  • Allow us to cancel a scan if our placement was off
  • Make the Capture app even more seamless!
  • Be quite easy to do, I believe, unless the location is calculated by the scan data and the camera has no way of knowing where it is while it's scanning.


  • Hi there @Chris Hickman! Yes, this would be terrific -- but your last point is the tricky one. Right now, until the camera finishes spinning, transfers the data, and aligns, it doesn't have a good idea about where it is. There are some interesting ways to back into this, using a variety of hardware and software cleverness, but we need something reliable enough to give users confidence. What we don't want to do is say, "You're here!" and the user says, "Nope, I'm clearly not."

  • :( That was what I was suspecting. Hopefully there's a clever way to do this as I think this would be such a great feature to add more polish to an already polished app!

  • Maybe in the interim while getting a way to solve this, give us a red circle when the scan aligns, making it easy to see where the last scan was placed. Sometimes alignment is out and then you have to search where the scan was placed and then delete and rescan.

  • One thing that is important with any additional features that occur during the scan process is that it not add time to the scanning.

  • I agree @Bill, the less time used to do a scan the better, :-) I believe it should not add extra time or be to difficult to implement a feature turning your last aligned scan position a different color to the rest of the scan positions. should be only a change to color attribute in the program.

  • To be honest isn't this just adding complexity? The camera has no way of knowing where it is without being able to triangulate its position and I'm guessing the only way to do this would be by GPS which as we all know isn't that accurate and even worse indoors.

    The scans are listed in numerical order so the last scan you made is already there so taking a bit of care it's easy to place your camera in a new location in a straight line. Maybe carry a small cone or ball to place under your camera as you take a scan and then leave it there as you relocate your camera for the next scan, line up your new location with the marker and a known point further away and then pick it up before you scan again?

  • I do agree this functionality would be beneficial, especially when you have 'mirror image' bathrooms, situations that create a mis-alignment.

  • @David Hothersall, when all your scans align then its easy following the numbers on the screen, however when you get a misaligned scan, it can be placed anywhere in your scan and then you have to pan around on the screen to try and find where it was placed. Its then easy to mis such a misaligned scan and that can create difficulties with other scans aligning. I believe it would not be so complex to just tell the software on the iPad app to turn the last placed scan red, or another color. Then when you look at your screen you can immediately see where it was placed and if it is where it is supposed to be.

    Having the camera know where it is thats the part that will be quite complex and could most probably slow things a bit down with constant communication between the camera and iPad.

  • @JC Coetzee Sorry, I misunderstood what you were meaning by aligning scan positions.

    I agree it would be very helpful to be able to viually locate scans and having the most recent coloured red would be the simplest way of locating it and then, I'd suggest, being able to 'drag' the errant scan to where its approximate location should be, or as said above delete and rescan.

  • Hi @Chris Hickman, I am inclined to think like @David Hothersall re complexity but not having experienced an MIA scan I will abstain. I do have a question regarding your straight line need. Presumably this is in large spaces where the walk-through experience needs to be acceptable. My question is how straight is necessary and why?

  • @simonmodera I have found that when I scan in straight lines, it vastly improves the walk-through experience. I do the best I can to scan strategically so that things feel smooth. I recently did a staircase that went up 4 stories and managed to space everything in a uniform manner by simply counting steps equally and bisecting the flat areas mentally... I was really impressed with how the resulting tour felt.

    But back to point -- what if when one scanned, the app had a helper toggle that would show logical places to put the camera in order to have ideal spacing? Perhaps a little red circle that was 50% transparent? This would be quickly generated when aligning using the 3D data.

    I think it's a cool idea -- and the lack of this feature is what creates a little bit of a learning curve that allows us MSPs to feel that we're doing more than just wandering around and hitting 'scan' :) -- nothing wrong with hard work, but automation is fun, right? :)

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