Toggle-able(?) side panel that shows the floor plan view.

I looked through old posts and didn't see this anywhere. I am interested in a small side area, possibly toggle-able, that shows the home in floor plan view and marks what spot you are viewing from and what direction you are facing.

This would be especially useful to less tech savvy viewers who would be more likely to become disoriented or miss areas of the model. It would essentially give them a map to look at as the moved around and allow them to keep track of where they are in relation to the rest of the model.



  • Matterport would need to start rendering mini-maps for each model, which they can easily do (they already render large map files, which are stored but not accessible to the outside world). I like this idea very much.

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  • Nice, and it should get colored while you walkthrough, so to easily understand the places you've visited and those you've missed, or to have a feeling of "how much" you've visited compared to the whole thing. Also, clicking on a point in the map, should "teleport" close to that point.

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