Automatically load tags into the model using excel sheet

Beeing able to batch upload mattertags using an excel sheet using x,y,z coordinates and the content of the tag.



  • Hi @anderssoniI like the idea of being able to load MTags automatically. Whether it is an Excel sheet, or an app, it's important that the client be able to complete the data fields and then send it to an MSP. Still in the 'early' days of using the MTags, and as they are going to be used to populate more 3D Spaces, and with more MTags, the process has to be easy to accomplish.

    I'm currently working on a project that has 7 Spaces connected with MTags, with multiple tags in each space. The amount of 'back & forth' for scripting gets quite time consuming. Excellent idea!

  • Another reason for some type of 'MTag' export list/bookshelf - Once you enter in 20-30 MTAGS you then need to send the client a list of the content of each one. I'm not comfortable with having them to walk through to find them, or scope them out via the dollhouse view

  • It would be great to be able to export them to excel/app would be great as well.

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