RELEASED: Label Rooms in Floor Plan view

It's awesome to see the Dollhouse and Floorpan views when exploring a Space. I know you can add labels in a room in the Workshop however those labels don't show up in the finished model when viewing online. This would be helpful for a viewer to know exactly how the spaced flowed and jump right into a spot from there.



  • Totally agree, that's why I don't even use that at all. Seems like extra work with no payoff for the client. I would be happy to label in dollhouse or floor plan view and then to be able to use the slider to turn that view off and on. I can't think of a bad reason to have it default in floor plan view. Unless you're a regular Matterport user, it can be disorienting to toggle back and forth between views and that would help with orientation.

  • Great idea, @philgorski, and makes a lot of sense!

  • Would like that also it is what a purchaser expects

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