[UPDATED] Link to 360 Views from Mattertags

I think that the highlight reel was a smart way to integrate 360 views. I think that integration with Mattertags is the missing puzzle piece. It would allow us to seamlessly integrate a link to the 360 view from inside. The only consideration I can think of is that we'd then immediately want to be able to add a link BACK inside. That would require either allowing Mattertags ON the 360 view, or providing a simple button 'RETURN to 3D MODEL' that would return to the previous view.



  • I am looking forward to doing our first scan utilising the 360 views on Monday. I am still unsure of how many people will be able to access outside of the highlight reel but looking forward to finding out. Much anticipated and long awaited feature for me. As Chris suggests above linking through mattertag and then a back button would be fantastic.

  • @Chris Hickman @David McKean For this concept, do you envision creating these links in the Capture app on the iPad, in Workshop, or both? Any preferences based on your current workflows?

  • @MP-Kirk - Workshop, as this is a MatterTag ability. We don't do MatterTags within the Capture App.

  • I would only add these mattertags when completing the model for the client through workshop. I would want to be able to set the mattertag on the door to the outside view. Then on the back button I would want to be able to select the view that the viewers return to back inside the matterport model (like setting the start point).

  • I would prefer a workshop option, also workshop should totally get redesigned for a better UX/UI and faster workflow. Currently it´s very complex and time consuming.

  • @chris Hickman @david McKean I also would want the capability only in Workshop and believe an MTag approach would help assure the viewer sees the 360 Views
  • I think that we have a consensus here. MatterTags should be able to link to a 360 View. It would be great if Mattertags could link to any scene really -- how many people have wanted to link an elevator to the appropriate spot?

  • I used the 360 feature for first time yesterday I dropped it in the highlight reel all went well except my client has no clue so now I need to individually show each client the option. I think if in the tour like in the 3D virtual tour if a target was visible shoeing that there is a 360 available of that spot the user would click it and activate the 360 with option to return to tour view same location.

  • I avoid the highlight reel in general as I have felt that it clutters the tour experience.

  • I avoid the highlight reel in general as I have felt that it clutters the tour experience.

  • I agree that it is not clear for clients. The 360's need a 'direct' access type of link ... perhaps an extension the model link that starts Showcase with a 360 up and ready to view with click thru to more 360s (if present) or to the 3D (and back of course :-) - the objective here is to be able to distinguish exterior from interior access but still be able to use a series of 360 in very large interiors.

    In the short term can we at enhance the 360 differentiation from 3D in the reel - maybe a green border?

  • I like @Chris Hickman and @David McKean suggestions / comments. Also see comment in reply to @Rick Lozano above.

  • Definitely agree, i think linking through mattertag/matterlink would work awesome and help round out the way the user interacts with the product, they might just need to add a back button to it like a browser window would have <.

  • Part of the way there, with the Mattertag Links release. Now, about that "back to 3D Space" button... :-)

  • this is an urgent need, :-),

    have linked out to 360's and it works quite nice,

  • jc3Dcx, how did you get a link to a 360?

  • I have opened the 360 view and then captured the link and used that link in the mattertag to go to the 360 but then you can't return and need to use the highlight reel to return to the 3D model, 

    When in the showcase, stand on the view you want, then press ctrl+U and it will open a link at the top of the showcase, copy that link and it will open the 360. Can also be used within the 3D model to link to 3D spots. 


  • I think that this feature is overdue.  While MatterTags are a tag that floats in a 3D Space, 360 Views are not 3D Spaces, therefore, I can understand why they do not exist and why we cannot add a tag in a 360 View to return to 'Inside' mode.

    This being said, for simplicity's sake, a RETURN TO INSIDE VIEW button that is clearly labelled would be dead simple to use.  It never occurred to me that while in 360 View, the little inside view icon does just this.  

    In my opinion, this is a UI/UX issue as it's not obvious at all how to return or that there is a way to return.  A quick fix is in order!

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