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Social media can really help you drive brand awareness for your company. Matterport invites you to follow our social media platforms and submit information for your social media platforms so we can be sure to share, re-tweet, and engage in conversations with our network of MSPs.

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  • Awesome, @khanson! MSPs, let us know if this is helpful!

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  • Hi @MP-Scott

    I believe this may have been requested previously? There are a few applications but in essence its advertising for us or our clients. The key here is flexibility. We need to be able to make video of a tour, perhaps a few tour version, download them, edit, add voice overs (maybe several different versions / languages), music, other sourced video (e.g. product close ups, Text Slides), headlines trailers etc. Some deployments:

    1. Social Media. Being able to create sub-30 second / sub-50Mb mp4 files for use in social media.

    2. MSP or Client Web sites or Client TV adverts: Make different versions of the walk through / slideshow. Currently experimenting for a client with and without staff in an office space. They want video for their sites and advertising agencies. Need same ability to edit for music and or voice over. Right now they are weighing up whether to use a film make / video-grapher rather than my work using Matterport.

    All of this advertises the Virtual 3D Tour capability by extension.

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