Navigational tags for the models, much like buoys in sailing, but with different color sides.

So I sail a little and I was thinking about how to lead a person through a model in a way that would be easy to understand. In sailing when you are approaching a large body of water from a smaller body of water the green buoy is normally on your right. Which means if you are leaving a harbor going out onto the ocean you know that you need to keep the green buoy on your right and the red buoy on your left. If you are returning to the harbor you keep the red buoy on your right and the green buoy on your left. The buoys are there for two main reasons. One is to make sure you stay between them and in a body of water deep enough for your boat, the other is to tell you which direction in that channel you are traveling. Full disclosure this logic applies in many countries including the U.S. but is not always the case.

Could we take a note from sailing and create a mattertag that was green on one side and red on the other. It should be easy to put a directional arrow on the placement base of the mattertag to allow the person placing the tag to adjust the mattertag in relation to the model direction.

Or possibly, you could state on the model where the front door is located, or use the start point and then the mattertags would automatically know whether to show as green or red depending on the users relationship to the start point and the mattertag. Red being the direction of the front door. Green being the path into the model.

Just taking one from sailing...P.S. If anyone gets the chance to sail the S.F. Bay its awesome!



  • Cool idea! Great pic!

  • Cool idea! Great pic!

  • Thanks, the pic was taken in the Florida area on a 38ft sailboat.

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