How to Leverage Social Media

Given the visual nature of our business at Matterport, social platforms are one of the best ways to share your work! Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter are all recommended platforms that you can leverage to distribute your Matterport 3D Showcases. Make sure your company has a profile set up that you can share your Matterport work from! Here are a few social media tips and tricks to get you started:

  1. Go Viral. Look for unique, popular spaces that have a story. Visual posts have a high level of engagement, so include photos in your posts. Or even better - a link to your 3D showcase. Once you scan, distribute your Matterport space to local media outlets, tag them in your content, and use relevant hashtags like #3D and #VR to gain coverage.
  2. Be A Thought Leader. Keep your eyes out for relevant news articles covering the 3D and immersive technology space and share. Participate in the conversation with bloggers, influencers, and discussions around current industry news. Not sure where to start? Be sure to follow Matterport on all of our social sites, and take a look at who we’re following to build up your social network.
  3. Gain Followers. Posting frequently is a key to gaining followers on social platforms. Join different groups and communities, and maintain an active level of participation. Curate original content, share others’ content, and be sure include links to social profiles on your website and outbound communications.

Have any other social strategies or tactics that are working for your company? We’d love to hear!




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