Workshop: create "walk-allowed" segments by "connecting" pairs of scans

It happens that you have a space done, but it is impossible to reach a room, e.g. because the door was kept closed during the space acquisition, or some artifact is blocking the passage, whatever. Sometimes you're fine with the space, but you just would need that the user could walk-in that room (the room's scans are there and perfect), and the job would be completed. Instead, now you need to find compromises etc.

Solution: Workshop could let us "link" pairs of scans, meaning that the user can go from one scan to the other and back during the tour.

In other words: for example (extreme case, with door always closed) imagine you're in a living room, and there is the bathroom door in front of you. Suppose the acquisition is done with the bathroom door always closed. There is also acquisition of the bathroom, again with the door always closed.

Of course now the generated space won't allow user to walk-in the bathroom from the living room, or from the bathroom to the living room.

But in Workshop, you "connect" one scan (the one in the living room, near the bathroom door) with another scan (the one in the bathroom, near the bathroom door). Thus now, the user will be able to enter the bathroom from the living room, or the living room from the bathroom, even if the door is closed.

A subtlety: there could be an option in the Workshop to enable (or not) a visual clue for the user when two scans are "connected" in this way. For example, a semi-transparent arrow on the floor that points to the bathroom door when he's in the living room (and points to the bathroom door when he's in the bathroom).

Probably one will want to enable the visual clue when e.g. the door is always closed, and won't enable it when this "connect" feature has been used to fix a walk-in prevented by some artifact.

Though, nice easter eggs could be created, e.g. by using the connect feature in a space with a specific door that is always closed, and without enabling visual clues that one can step-in there, but if you happen to try, there's some nice surprise inside :)



  • to continue this thought train, you could use these same markers to connect multiple spaces along with connecting the soon to be added hero shot to a scan. For instance in the case that there is an add on area such as a mother in law suite or guest house that is part of the property but can not be reached through consecutive scans. The same could be used for connecting hero shots of say the outside or a pool area.

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  • Yes sure! I.e. to 360° Views. That would also make a better experience for the 360° Views, that right now are quite a "detached" thing (bad UX).

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  • Yes this a great idea is this in a beta feature list?

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