Roll Over free Processing.

If I have the BASIC plan, I'm entitled to process 3 models without charge. If I have a slow month, I lose that value. Why not roll it over? It would



  • Great idea, its paid for so why not.

  • I can't get matteport to change our plan from business to basic. I have tried online and it reverted back to business. And now I can't contact matterport... leaving emails and voicemails doesn't get me anywhere. Anyone else experienced this?

  • usually reply to me within 24-48 hours and they have been able to help me with issues like this. Be sure to not regret your decision :) -- I downgraded once then doubled my business and it cost me much more in the long run!

  • agreed! It should roll over

  • I'm amazed they don't roll over, you should be able to spread your free processing over the year, especially if you've paid for the year in advance.

  • Theres a word for that.... Its called Greed! Remember Matterport, Pigs get Fat, Hogs get Slaughtered. In real estate it gets busy then quiet, often with no rymth or reason to it so why dont you allow it to roll over. I am buying the most expensive hosting plan in the world right now. $149 a month for just 30 tours. The least you could do is allow the models to roll over. It then at least makes up for the larger homes that take 2 or 3 models to process..... Its just the right thing to do. Its Greed I tell you, its greed. Was with AT&T for 18 years and havent been back since the competition opened up and never will. Why, because of their greed thats why.

  • Matterport operate at least 2 facilities between their sales office and developer's HQ. They employ a full staff. In addition, they have raised investment capital. They need to make money somewhere.

    IMHO, I do not believe Matterport is greedy. I do believe they can make more $ from MSPs by offering other value added services as well as finding alternate streams of income. For instance, if they sold apparel, I bet they would make at least $10 from every MSP with minimal effort as everyone wants a Matterport Hat or T-Shirt. Matterport branded equipment would be even better. Why not show up to the party wearing the team jersey?

    Wouldn't be a bad thing to assign the web team with, assuming they are on salary or have a predefined # of hours that they are supposed to be working.

    At the We-Get-Around forum, where I post much more than here, we discuss ways that we think that Matterport could make more $ from us when we aren't grumbling about something.

  • I agree with what you said Chris. However, the non roll over comes accross as greedy. "We're going to keep it if you dont eat it". I cant imagine not being able to take a doggy bag home if I only wanted to eat half a meal in a restaraunt. "Sorry sir, if you dont eat it all we keep whats left over and sell it to the pig farmers in the local area". Maybe not the best analodgy, but the same point. You may remember that I said I'd be happy to pay $10,000 for a camera if it meant that they didnt sell directly to agents. So its not that I dont mind paying the money.

    It's also about how they are going about their tour business model. They are in the manufacturing & Software side of the 'The tour business'. Albeit a fancy tour that blows minds, but none the less' still a tour. I'm not sure how long youve been in the biz, but I remember the first interactive 360 media tours as they used to call them when they first came out. I seem to remember that it was iPix that made the tripod head and camera lens and developed the software for the first '360 Media Tours. They knew that the easiest way to promote the new product was to create a network of people that were hungry for the latest down the pipline of dot com era. So they targeted photographers where many were already taking photos for Agents and boom, iPix took off like a rocket . It was this network of photographers, an automatic built in sales team who brought the 360 service to the agents. That was a huge part of why they were successful. A huge sucess according to their website achieving a $2 bill. market capitalization at its peak. They drive the market price for the 3D Tour down when they try selling directly to the agents.

    One of my customers was going to buy a Matterport and it was absolute coincidence that on the week that he planned to buy it, we bumped into each other. I told him about this cool new product that I just got and he said that he was going to buy one in a weeks time. I asked him why would he do that when my prices started at $99 when purchased with a video/photo package (which he was already buying from me). Really he said? So he didnt buy the camera. Yes, he loves Matterport so much as we all do, but if he could only have purchased it through a tour operator, then most likely my price would start at $199 with a photo and video package. So right off the bat, selling direclty to agents drives the value of the product down. I just cant understand what Matterport doesnt get about the professional tour operator business model, WE ARE THE SALES PEOPLE. This was one of the biggest reasons why iPix achieved its sucess. The built-in Sales force. I mean, how much are they paying their sales people to seel Matterport? Must be 10% or more so that right there adds to the cost of them doing business.

    Drones are the latest and greatest but you dont see many agents running out to buy them. When Agents get tired of doing their own Matterport Tours, Matterport would have been very successful in devaluing their product all because they were short sighted. Just my 2 cents!

  • I remember iPix. They did great and horrible things for the 360 business. The quality was very low and it was quite gimmicky, but they had a recognizable brand. I've found that Matterport has re-introduced many people to the concept of a turn-key virtual tour system.

    Colin, I'd suggest bumping your rates :) A Matterport Tour for $99 as added-value is still ridiculously cheap and I'm not sure I'd even bother since the $19 processing fee brings it down to an $80 profit. Goodness! Please tell me that that's for a 2000 SQFT home and maybe I'd understand :)

  • I think your forgetting what time we were in back then. In 1999 when we were going from dial up 56K modems to DSL, iPix was cutting edge and the creator of 360's. By todays standards, they are crap of course. Not sure what you mean by horrible things for the 360 biz as they were the creators of it (correct me if Im wrong on that)... By that statement, Does that mean Alexandre Graham Bell did bad things for the telephone? LOL. iPix didnt move forward with the times and others came out with better products, that was their mistake (I think).

    Back to pricing, $99 will get you up to 1499 AC SQ FT. but only if you spend a mininmun of $175 or more on one of my other packages. If you order it by itself, and we go out just to do a 3D Matterport, then its $199. So we are not going out to a property for less than $275 for a Matterport and video/photo package. If my pricing wasnt what it is, that agent would have bought a Matterport camera that week. Then I may have lost him as a client althogether as hes not bad with a DSLR himself. To carry on using me would have meant two trips to the home. One to meet us for photos and video and another for him to use his Matterport.

    Agents dont want to go back to a home twice for photo stuff. If I had lost him as a client, I would be down a few thousand each year with him as he is quite a regular. So it pays to keep the clients you have and beat out the others in your area. I was making money before Matterport. Now I make just a little more and have very happy clients.

  • Roll over sounds great!

  • Hey, I got to thinking -- your analogy falls apart wherein a restaurant has already 'cooked' something and Matterport are simply giving a credit with a 30 day expiration... nothing physical is going to waste :)

  • If you are looking at iPix from the perspective that their tours were still being used when we had great speeds and the tours themselves were pretty low quality, it became a bit embarrassing. I was able to compete with iPix tours and show the quality I was producing. I got started on a doo-dad and used it for a year or so before going DSLR. Similar stuff. Low quality.

  • Yes, I agree and that was their downfall and why they lost all the market to others such as yourself producing superior quality tours. :-)

  • I would like to think that they lost the market and left a barren wasteland for renegades with DSLR cameras ... it hasn't been until Matterport that there's been a mainstream player delivering an identifiable product to fill the void.

  • Although a different platform, video has filled that void for Property Tours. Its how I got going into the tour business.

  • If it was up to me I wouldn't do roll over until competition made it necessary. Think about the cellphone industry. It was done by AT&T as a way to appear to be offering more value to their customers so they wouldn't switch and to lure new customers without having to lower rates. It worked for a while until the other companies followed suit. The same thing applies to rolling over scans. It will happen when it has to.

  • My brain agrees with you, but my heart doesn't. When you have a slow month (December) and you watch your Pro Account's 11 free tour processings go to waste, it's an emotional experience :)

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