Add EMOTIONAL APPEAL and BROADEN SENSES CAPABILITY to dollhouse, navigation, highlights and tours

Background. I have read in other social media photography forums about why some realtors and buyes don't like Matterport tours. THREE KEY REASONS - 1. they lack the emotional appeal support that buyers needs, 2. only visual with limited means to get audience attention, and 3. people don't relate to the self navigation 3D idiom - find it difficult or dont want to futz with something.

1. BOTH Music AND Voice over Sound Tracks - i.e. both a library and upload own sound track (e.g. much like a video voice over along with music). Enable access to a music library we can buy a multi-play license buy piece. Allow multiple pieces. say 4 songs from an artist - in series but allow different rooms to trigger different songs. Enable voice recording per room or entire automated tour.

2. Enable Upload addition of External Materials - Allow upload and insert of non-Matterport images into highlight reel. These could be like PowerPoint slides with text and graphics or high res photographs - THIS IS KEY. presentation must allow both full screen with timed delay AND pop-up corner window with adjustable time delay. Yes this would contain MSP & Client branding not Matterport. One item could be a map or a floor plan from an architect - i.e. NOT Matterport provided. All with click through to urls.

Further, as this is about getting the Matterport Showcase to be more holistic - rather than have Showcase as just one item in a series of images / presentations on a web page - make it the centre of attention. Enable video to be recorded of the tour for playback AND Download AND enable upload of external video to be played in pop up corners. Examples are Neighbourhoods, video of menu items available in the restaurant, hotel or resort services like a masseuse,

3. Demo style Navigation Help. While progress has been made the intro help really needs an uplift for some folks - i.e. it must DEMONSTRATE WITH A WIZARD OPTION - a quick (non screen shot - i.e over the shoulder to see tablet / laptop) video - that spins and tilts a dollhouse - that shows the drag / click to turn around, move forward and back.

I have read in this forum previously suggestions for music etc. Perhaps it has been a product suggestion previously. @Matterport Scott @Matterport Linda



  • These are really great suggestions and I appreciate you taking the time and effort into sharing them. The product team always interested in what our customers have to say and definitely take it into consideration when designing new product features.

    Thanks again,

    -The Matterport Team

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  • Hi @simonmodera I agree these would be great tools to have

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