Ability to follow a URL "to" a specific point within a model


I think that a lot of people would appreciate the ability to create a URL that would point to a specific location within a Matterport model.

This would be very similar to using a "named" anchor tag in a hyperlink that allows users to jump to specific points inside of large HTML documents for example.

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  • Hi @ssquires32 This option already exists.. I'll show you how. If you are on your computer and looking at your model click "U" (see the URL)... Then you use the mattertags to link to this spot.

    Do you already know the format for this? I'll look for the PDF guide in the Matterport Support section. follow this link to see the post or download the PDF..

  • Thanks Lisa - much appreciated! :-)

  • Hi Lisa,

    I think that I should have been a bit clearer in my post.

    I know that it's possible to put a URL to an external site inside of a matterport tag (which is a great feature).

    I also know that you can copy the URL of your model from the web browser and embed that URL into an external web page.

    However, what I want to do is to be able to define a URL that could represent any camera position or matterport tag location within the model.

    The MSP would then be able to give that URL to a client in an email or embed it in a web page and be assured that the user will be transported to the exact position that you want them to go to.

    A good example would be a web page with a table of hyperlinks to the various rooms in a house:

    • Kitchen
    • Master bedroom
    • Living room
    • Games room
    • Garage
    • ...etc.

    Ideally, it would also be possible to specify within the URL the orientation and even zoom setting of the camera at that camera location.

    Hope that explains what I'm after a bit better :-)



  • I'll step aside for a Matterport person... but let me say that you could use the URLs and put in a webpage to transport your client to any given position (or room) in your showcase and label as such... what I don't think is a possibility is specifying orientation or zoom setting but possibly an idea that others may want also.

    You know what I like about that idea of yours is that some people are not interested in using the computer to walk-through, some may not be able, and this allows the viewer to jump to an area and look around without having to do much navigation. What were you thinking about when you suggested it? Uses, etc.. The downside of what I mentioned is that the model is loaded each time and with a link (link an HTML anchor as you mentioned) it would just go directly to the point.

  • Hi @ssquires32,

    Deeplink URL's are obtainable so you can link your visitors directly to exact scan position and direction you were looking when the deeplink was created. It will not, however, keep track of the zoom :( Sorry, @Lisa Hinson.

    To get the deeplink, you would use 3D Showcase to position yourself exactly where you want the visitor to start their tour. Press "U" on your key board and copy the green link that appears at the top of the 3D Showcase window.

    You can test your deeplink by pasting it into a new tab in your browser. You'll notice the Space loads and instead of starting you at the official Start Location, you will go directly to where you were when the deeplink was created.

    I hope that helps

    -The Matterport Team

  • Thanks Amir (and Lisa) - I misunderstood Lisa's previous instruction with respect to "clicking U" ... I was looking around on the screen for a "U" and not pressing the key on the keyboard. No worries about not being able to capture the zoom setting - this will work good enough :-)

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